DF65 and DF95 Social racing (16/11/22)

A good A+ wind from the Clubhouse end greeted the 15 keen sailors. Alan Watkinson volunteered to be RO and was able to keep the racing at a good pace managing to run 10 races. The wind although strong at times did ease off during the racing causing the usual problems of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Mike and John managed the conditions well taking most of the wins between themselves. Clive Warren, new to radio sailing took 3rd overall with a very consistent run of top 4 positions.


  1. John Carlin             15pts 5 wins
  2. Mike de St Paer     17pts 2 wins
  3. Clive Warren          34pts
  4. Richard Walker     36pts 1 win
  5. Dave Williams       39pts 1 win
  6. Simon Bates           44pts 1 win
  7. Derek Matthews   54pts
  8. Charles Legg           64pts
  9. Sally Collings         67pts
  10. Paul Little               69pts
  11. Don MacKinnon   70pts
  12. John Beech              80pts
  13. Stan Metcalf           81pts
  14. Malcolm Harvey   84pts
  15. Frans King              97pts

After a quick lunch break, 8 DF95s took to the water sailing the same course as the DF65s with a volunteer RO Paul Little, many thanks go to him on behalf of the “fleet”. Racing to the first mark was very evenly matched as it was only after the spreader that the leading boats managed to pull away. 5 races were held with the last race “three laps”!  Thanks go to John Beech for the photos of the DF95’s.

  1. John Brierley         5pts 3 wins
  2. Alan Watkinson  10pts 1 win
  3. Andrew Peter       15pts 1 win
  4. Richard Walker   16pts 2 x 2nds
  5. John Carlin            16pts 1 x 2nd
  6. Clive Warren         18pts
  7. Dave Williams      19pts
  8. Malcolm Harvey  31pts