RG/DF65 Summer Series #10 (29/10/22)

As a follow on from last weeks RG65 TT, the final event in the Summer series for the RG65 and DF65 took place today on a course that was very similar to last Sunday.  Only 5 RG65’s and one Df65 turned out this week, with a few busy on other activities and Neil who very kindly acted as our RO for today.  The RG’s sailed a full sized course, with the lone DF65 sailing to the same windward marks at the clubhouse end and then using the outer start mark as a rounding mark instead of the gate used by the RG65’s

Race 1 started bang on time, with several different options and opinions on which rig to choose in the slightly gusty 6 to 10 knot breeze.  Was it a full size swing rig, low aspect swing or full size conventional?  Peter started well and took the win in the first three races in his full size conventional, with John undecided on low aspect swing or conventional before finally opting for the swing rig and winning race 4. Peter then took race 5 again before a short break.

After the break, John took the wins in Races 6, 7, 10 and 11 with Peter picking up races 8 and 9.  Racing however was very close most of the time throughout the fleet all afternoon.  It was often down to whether anyone was in just the right spot to get the lift or have wind when nobody else did.

Thanks go to Neil for running the racing and Bernie for making the brew at half time.  Next week is the start of the Winter Open series with IOM racing first and each week starting at 12:00.

  1. Peter Baldwin      63  Uno      13 pts (6 wins)
  2. John Brierley        84  Uno     13pts (5 wins)
  3. Alan Watkinson  23  Uno      25pts
  4. Bill Culshaw         23 Scurry  31pts
  5. Dave Williams     33 Uno        34pts

Our Lone DF65 was Clive Warren, who was well in the mix at the finish sailing on an A rig and a shorter course.