DF65 Social Racing 2022 12/10/22

Conditions could best be described as “tricky” although several other words were used during the morning. What little wind we had was very light and variable, coming mostly from the clubhouse end, so generally a southerly or South Easterly or something like that!

With 12 sailors, including a visitor from Fleetwood, Garry Benson.  Dave Williams kindly elected to act as Race Officer, whilst Neil Westbrook set up the marks for the course.

After 8 races, it was decided to call it a day, as the breeze had dropped away to almost nothing, and getting selectively becalmed was the order of the day, which made the race results a bit hit and miss.  However, the sun shone, it didn’t rain and the lake was looking very clean and clear, so we couldn’t really complain, and it was good to welcome two new members to the racing today.

  1. Neil Westbrook      03  10 pts
  2. John Carlin               11  17 pts
  3. Mike De St Paer     35  18 pts
  4. Gary Benso              68  19 pts
  5. Andrew Peter       919  28 pts
  6. Alan Watkinson  373  30 pts
  7. Simon Bates           69  34 pts
  8. Richard Walker     39  35 pts
  9. Clive Warren          53  45 pts
  10. John Beech             80  48 pts
  11. Paul Little               45  57 pts
  12. Frans King              95  65 pts