DF65 Social Racing 2022 – 28/9/22

Very light wind again at the start of the racing, so a course just using half the lake was set which turned out to be quite successful.

Starting at the Clubhouse end to a windward mark just past the normal finish mark, port to a spreader, down to the gate and finish halfway. After the first two races the wind did increase and some very competitive racing took place with some very close finishes, at the end of the racing just 2 points separating the first four.

All the starts were brilliant with no call backs or general recalls. Eleven races were held with the usual two lap race to finish. Thanks to Dave for RO.

  1. Neil Westbrook           24pts 3 wins
  2. John Carlin                   25pts 3 wins
  3. Andrew Potter             25pts 1 win
  4. Alan Watkinson          26pts 2 wins
  5. James Douglas             37pts 1 win
  6. Richard Walker           39pts 1 win
  7. Derek Matthews          41pts
  8. John Beech                    68pts
  9. Malcolm Harvey         72pts
  10. Frans King                    87pts