IOM Ranking #3 Results (3/9/22)

A Heat racing by Andrew Peter

A total of 28 boats made it to Ranking #3 on Saturday.  With only two heats and 6 promotion many sailors spent the day oscillating between Heats A and B and when they weren’t sailing had an observer duty to fit in as well.  The breeze built during the day and there was plenty of rig changing between A and B suits, which was not the forecast at all.  Along with a heavy rain shower for a short while, everyone had some difficulties in getting into a groove.

Unfortunately with rig and course changes required for Race 9A, followed by a General Recall, this Race (and consequently Race 9B) had to be abandoned due to lack of time to complete by the final cut-off time.

By the end Rob Walsh took the day with Tony Edwards in second and Peter Stollery in third.  The top places were very closely contested as the results below show.

Launching by Jon Cooper

A few photos from Saturday by Andrew Peter are here in the Gallery.

Photos from Jon Cooper (a local freelance photographer) on Saturday and Sunday are here in the Gallery.  If you would like to have a print of any photo taken by Jon, then head to his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100066514788823