DF65 Social Racing 2022 #35 (31/8/22)

An eventful day off the water, with the start delayed owning to the Honorary Secretary having unwisely called an EGM for 11.00 and racing disrupted by a fishing “supporter” moving up and down the pond-side, screaming at and threatening members and their boats whilst we sailed.

Compared with that, events on the water were quite tame. What wind there was for the first race blew up the pond from the Southeast, giving us an interesting beat and a challenging run with many holes in the wind, leaving many participants wondering whether they would ever cross the finish line. As the morning progressed, the wind filled in, giving us enough breeze to sail in but still giving us with very shifty conditions. Despite the late start and the very slow first race, we managed eight races before 1pm and, after discards, the results after 2 discards were:

  1. Peter Baldwin               6pts                 7 firsts
  2. Derek Matthews         17pts                1 first
  3. Alan Watkinson          17pts
  4. Dave Williams             22pts
  5. Malcolm Harvey         24pts
  6. Charles Legg                28pts
  7. John Beech                   36pts
  8. Richard Walker          40pts

Thanks to Ian Roberts who acted as our RO

Thanks also go to our Commodore and Vice Commodore for donning the waders and clearing some lake debris, assisted by the Club Captain with a grappling hook.  Plenty of debris and lots of fishing line around marks was removed.