DF65 Social Racing #30 (27/7/22)

The forecasts were about right for wind today – generally from the NW but with some big swings to the W or even N and averaging about 3 knots so A+ was the order of the day for the eight sailors.  As the gusts (6 knots max!) came through there was often a false shift as it hit and if you tacked on that it often resulted in lost distance or even places.  Neil took the first race, followed by Peter in the second and John C the third. Peter took the next three and the final race, with John C having another win in Race 7.

With eight sailors each taking a turn we completed eight races of one lap plus a beat to the finish in just under two hours.  With the strength of the wind and the planned DF95 session to follow, the last race was also a single lapper.  There were no general recalls but that was in part due to the light winds we often had at the start leading to many boats being a good boat length behind the line.  Peter Baldwin took the day, with John Carlin second and Neil Westbrook third.

  1. Peter Baldwin            63       7pts  (5 wins)
  2. John Carlin                  11       12pts (2 wins)
  3. Neil Westbrook         03      16pts (1 win)
  4. Andrew Peter             19      20pts
  5. Alan Watkinson      373      22pts
  6. Richard Walker         39      27pts
  7. Charles Legg              21       36pts
  8. John Beech                 80       40pts