DF65 Social Racing #27 (6/7/22)

A bright, cold day (well it is only July!) with a good wind straight down the lake.  After a trial sail, B rig was selected. Our Commodore was able to read the conditions very quickly and managed to win every race, however he did have to fight for it with several contenders pushing him all the way, notable Neil, Alan, Andrew and Charles. 9 races were held with the usual 2 lap finish.

  1. John Brierley          7pts 9wins
  2. Neil Westbrook    19pts
  3. Alan Watkinson   22pts
  4. Andrew Peter        27pts
  5. Charles Legg         27pts
  6. Richard Walker    36pts
  7. Don McKinnon     37Pts
  8. John Beech              52pts