DF/RG65 Summer 2022 #5 (9/7/22)

Once again we were fortunate to have both sun and a decent breeze between a top suit swing and full size (lower aspect) conventional for the RG65’s and one that was sailable in a DF65 A+, but more controllable in an A rig.

Seven RG65’s and six DF65’s started the day and their helms took it in turns to run one race each until a break at Race 7.  There were some early dropouts in the DF65 fleet leading to only 4 boats completing most races.

Graham Elliott sailing the Electronica took four of the first six races he sailed, with Peter Baldwin’s Uno the remaining two.  After the break, we were fortunate to have three volunteers from the DF65 fleet who ran the remaining five races for us, giving a total of 12 races for the day.  Graham took 4 out of the 5 after the break using his Argon, with Peter only managing a single race win, mostly underpowered with the conventional A versus Graham’s Swing rig.  Although Peter and Graham shared the wins, there were some strong performances through the fleet , with Dave Williams (Uno), Alan Watkinson (Uno), Charles Legg and Bill Culshaw (Pocket Rocket) all vying for the lead at various times.

In the DF65 fleet, it was our visitor Chuck Millican (AMYA) who had the Lions share of 8 wins from 12 races, with Andrew Peter and John Carlin each taking two.  This left Chuck the clear winner with Andrew narrowly second one point ahead of John.

Thanks must go to everyone who helped out in running the races especially those DF65 sailors (and support crew) who helped run the last 5 races.


  1. Graham Elliott           09/29  Electronia/Argon    10 pts (8 wins)
  2. Peter Baldwin             63         Uno                               15 pts (4 wins)
  3. Alan Watkinson         23          Uno                              28 pts
  4. Bill Culshaw               163         Pocket Rocket          33 pts
  5. Dave Williams            33          Uno                               38 pts
  6. Charles Legg               26         Uno                                43 pts
  7. John Brierley               84         Uno                                51 pts (gear failure race 5)


  1. Chuck Millican              21        12 pts (8 wins)
  2. Andrew Peter                919      21 pts (2 wins)
  3. John Carlin                      11        22 pts (2 wins)
  4. Graham Reeves            614      40 pts

Photo by Alan Watkinson.