DF65 Social Racing 2022 #10

17 boats turned up to race with the wind threatening to increase during the day. The wind direction from the south east and A rig was chosen to be used. As racing progressed the wind increased in strength and altered in direction, this caused the wind to become very shifty with big gusts and areas of no wind. The direction was now from over the clubhouse and at times coming down vertically and going in all directions with many boats turning into submarines on the downwind legs.

When the scores were finally added up, it was all very close at the top with only 5 points separating the first four boats.  Thanks to RO Simon Bates who managed to give us 10 races in the difficult conditions.

  1. Alan Watkinson        19 pts 4wins
  2. Mike de St Paer         22 pts 3wins
  3. Neil Westbrook        22 pts 4th
  4. Richard Robinson   24 pts 1win
  5. James Douglas          36 pts 2wins
  6.  John Carlin                36 pts
  7. Charles Legg              45 pts
  8. Don Mackinnon        57 pts
  9. Richard Walker         70 pts
  10. Paul Hounslow          73 pts
  11. Paul Little                   78 pts
  12. Martin James            79 pts
  13. John Beech                 94 pts
  14. Andrew Potter          97 pts 2 x7ths
  15. Malcolm Harvey      97 pts
  16. Paul Whalley           110 pts
  17. Ken Roscoe               129 pts