RG/DF65 Winter Series 2022 #5 (12/2/22)

7 skippers turned out for the latest round of the clubs RG65/DF65 series, but with no DF’s, all 7 opted to sail there RG65’s.
The wind unfortunately came from the houses for the first 4 races with skippers opting for various sail plan/rigs, some opted for swing B rigs, some opted for full area reduced height conventional rigs and some opting for full height conventional rigs. It was all about managing the vicious gusts.
Although Graham Elliott sailing his Electronica dominated the day with 11 wins losing out to John Brierley sailing his Uno in race 2, there were some decent displays from other skippers. Dave Williams sailed well in the last 4 races scoring a 3,5,4,2. Charles Legg sailed well in the later races and Alan Watkinson starting the day well with a brace of 3rds.
Races 5 to 12 saw the wind come around and blow straight down the lake that brought Martin Roberts into play sailing his Pocket Rocket, he scored 5 second places in the last 6 races of the day.
The day was definately all about rig choice and rig plan and I am sure a few will be swapping there lower aspect swing rigs for conventioal rigs.
Race winners on the day were Graham Elliott (Electronica) 11 wins and John Brierley (Uno) with 1 win. Many thanks to Jack for making the tea and Bernie for starting and scoring us.
  1. Graham Elliott      ​ 09       Electronica          10pts    11 wins
  2. John Brierley          84        Uno                        23pts     1 win
  3. Martin Roberts    133         Pocket Rocket  30pts
  4. Neil Westbrook     03         Uno                       44pts
  5. Dave Williams       33         Uno                        48pts
  6. Charles Legg          26         Uno                       51pts
  7. Alan Watkinson    23         Scurry                  53pts

After 12 races