DF65 Social Racing 2021 #30 (8/12/21)

With Storm Barra blowing vigorously along the pond, sailing was never going to be easy. Add driving rain and freezing cold and you have to admire the fortitude of those who stuck it out for 8 races. C-rigs were the order of the day; those who tried to sail with B-rigs were cruelly punished in the gusts, leaving 5 intrepid skippers braving the elements for all eight, single lap, races. On the positive side, it was possible to set a course taking in most of the length of the pond. Thanks go to Charles Legg for braving the elements and keeping order as Race Officer.

  1. Richard Robinson    01      9 pts   4 wins
  2. David Williams       233     11 pts   2 wins 1×4
  3. Neil Westbrook         03     11 pts   2 wins 0x4
  4. Sally Collings          829    20 pts
  5. John Carlin                  11     22 pts