IOM Club Racing 2021 #5 29/5/2021

   A select group of six IOM helms turned out for this afternoon at the start of warmer weather. With a high pressure sat over the area hopes of a decent sail weren’t very high when arriving at 12:00 to a flat calm lake with the merest hint of a breeze.  Fortunately by the start of racing a gentle 5 or 6 knots was blowing from the NW which held for most of the afternoon leading to close racing with a number of place changes if you got the shifts wrong.Under the eagle eye of Start Line Judge Dave Williams, John Brierley started the day well with a close win over Andrea Roberts trying out the “Vanilla” sailed by Martin two weeks ago.  Andrea then proceeded to dominate the fleet by taking the next three wins, before Martin took race 5 and Andrea the final win before a short break.Martin spent his break on re-rigging the jib on the Rubix of Charles Legg (sporting a new set of Housemartin sails), which helped place him in the mix for most races.

Racing re-started in a slightly lighter breeze, although it soon returned to previous levels.  Peter won Races 7 and 9, Martin took Race 8 and Andrea the final race of the day.  Neil Westbrook took several second places in his Widget, proving that this older design can still hold its own in Club racing.

Andrea took the afternoon comfortably, with Peter second and Martin third, followed by Neil in fourth and without a race win.  Thanks again must go to Bernie and Jack for running our racing and the photos are courtesy of Dave Williams (whilst he wasn’t watching the line and calling us back).

  1. Andrea Roberts           122            Vanilla               12pt     5 wins
  2. Peter Baldwin                63            Lintel MMX    19pts    2 wins
  3. Martin Roberts             55            Widget              22pts   2 wins
  4. Neil Westbrook             03            Widget             27pts
  5. John Brierley                  84            brit pop           32pts   1 win
  6. Charles Legg                  25            Rubix                42pts

After 10 races