Member Guidance with Club in Tier 3

As you may well have seen, the Club is now in a Tier 3 area.

This has little, if any effect on organised sailing at Birkenhead. Anyone in the local (Wirral) district area can travel to the club as before when it was in Tier 2. The guidance (and clarified for sporting events by Sport England) is that for anyone in a different area at a Tier 3 level (Liverpool, Halton etc or even further afield) is requested to stay in their local area and not travel into another area. The official guidance for Tier 3 is here.

If a member lives in a Tier 4 area they should definitely stay local to their home (the name for the Tier is “Stay at Home”) and not travel to the club. Should Wirral (and therefore the club) move into Tier 4, then the club will need to cease organised events again.

The above was summarised in the most recent MYA guidance here.

Rules for socialising before racing, between races and after racing, remains as the rule of 6 (as the club is based at a public park) and so is as per Tier 2. As a reminder, the groups of 6 should not mix on any day and should always remain socially distanced. If there are up to 13 racing on any day, be careful not to congregate in what could be considered to be groups larger than 6 or even one large group.

The clubhouse will be opened so that the toilets are available whilst members are on site. Face coverings should be worn whilst inside. Boat preparation or repair should all be undertaken outside.

The club therefore requests that anyone in a different (to Wirral) Tier 3 or 4 area, does not travel to the club at this time.

Stay Safe and let’s hope that 2021 ends better than it starts.