IOM Xmas Race 2020

12 skippers turned out for our annual Christmas race, this race normally attracts quite a few visitors, but for the obvious reasons, we ran with a limited entry of 13 for 2020.

The wind was kind to us and decided to blow straight down the middle from the top end, the strength was slap bang in the middle of  ‘A’ rig and ‘B’ rig and after Peter had laid the course, the racing commenced at 11am under the guidance of Jack and Bernie, with the fleet split on choice of rig, it was decided to run 2 races and then have a 5 minute rig change break. It was the ‘A’ rig that proved to be the correct choice in the first 2 races and by the start of race 3 everyone had there ‘A’ rigs on, except for Andrew who had unfortunately broke his ‘A’ rig jib boom so was going to sail in ‘B’ rig until winch problems caused him to retire for the day. At least it gave him the opportunity to take a few photos – thanks Andrew
It was extremely close sailing throughout the fleet with many finishes seeing as many as 4 boats crossing in a blanket finish, shifts that were both frustrating and elevating to all gave us some close sailing. Paul Allen showed the fleet the way by taking 7 wins on the trot before tiring in the final 3 races of the day, not surprising really after 4 Scotch eggs and 2 sandwiches for his lunch. Does that counts as 6 substantial meals in the eyes of some? John Brierley finally found his form after lunch with 3 seconds and a first after a poor first session for him.
After 12 races the light began to fade and it was decided to bring a halt to proceedings at 3.20, after de-rigging we held our ‘Secret Santa’ prizegiving with some beautifully wrapped presents of all sizes and shapes, mine is now under the tree until Christmas day or the dog eats it, whichever comes first. Race wins went to Paul Allen, Martin Roberts, John Brierley and Bill Culshaw.
Many thanks to Jack and Bernie once again, much appreciated by all.
  1. Paul Allen                      27     britpop             13pts   8 wins
  2. Martin Roberts           94     Slim Chine     26pts   1 win
  3. Graham Elliott            27     Widget             32pts
  4. John Brierley                84    britpop            33pts   2 wins
  5. Graham Birkett          133    Widget             51pts
  6. Peter Baldwin               63    Lintel MMX   53pts
  7. Bill Culshaw                   21    britpop            55pts  1 win
  8. Lawrence Drennan     57    britpop            58pts
  9. Neil Westbrook             03   Widget             86pts
  10. Charles Legg                  25    Rubix              103pts
  11. Matt Stephenson         61    Widget           105pts
  12. Andrew Peter                66    V9                    127pts

After 12 races and two discards