DF65 Social Racing #12 9/12/20

There  were 12 entries and one OOD turned up to race this week, with a south west  to west wind forecast at 7-9 mph.

However, on arrival at the lake we were faced with no wind at all.  A course was set allowing us to go either way up or down the lake and after waiting for the wind to appear a light variable wind started up.
We only managed 4 races of one lap each until it was decided to give up in frustration after one and a half hours racing.
The final scores after one discard were:
  1. JOHN BRIERLEY            84       5PTS
  2. NEIL WESTBROOK       03       6PTS
  3. JOHN CARLIN                 11       9PTS
  4. MIKE DE ST PAER         35     12PTS
  5. RICHARD ROBINSON   01     16PTS    1X3RD
  6. CHARLES LEGG              21     16PTS    1X4TH  1X5TH
  7. SALLY COLLINGS        829    16PTS    1X4TH  1X6TH
  8. RICHARD WALKER       39     19PTS
  9. DEREK MATTHEWS     57     20PTS
  10. CHRIS WESTON            194     25PTS
  11. PAUL LITTLE                   26     26PTS    1X6TH
  12. DON MACKINNON         93     26PTS    1X8TH
Many thanks to Stan Metcalfe for being OOD for the racing.