DF65 Social Racing #13 16/12/20

A course was set up by Neil Westbrook to run from the far bank to maximise the use of what limited breeze existed.  The attached results do reflect the actual performances on the day, although it was an organisational nightmare (aptly as this was #13 in the series?) for Neil as the  OD and responsible person for the day.  It proved to be a difficult day to score as the Race Sheet had a number of people arriving late and others leaving early, some of which had not registered their intention to participate.  It was relatively easy though to determine the top 3 places, with Richard Robinson taking a good win from Neil Westbrook in second and Mike de St Paer in third.

We must remind ALL members that Pre-registration for each event and signing in with the responsible person is ESSENTIAL to ensure that we continue to comply with our Covid-19 requirements.  Similarly, if you are unable to attend, please cancel you booking using the same event entry page, but using the second form and “Cancel Booking” button.  Please do not simply turn up in the hope of sailing, if you have not pre-booked a place.

Overall Results after 10 races

  1. Richard Robinson           1    9pts
  2. Neil Westbrook                3   19pts
  3. Mike de St Paer              35   32pts
  4. Richard Walker              39   35pts   1 win
  5. Paul Little                         45   35pts  0 wins
  6. John Carlin                        11   41pts
  7. Matthew Stephenson  28   49pts
  8. Charles Legg                    21   59pts
  9. Don MacKinnon          933   65pts
  10. Sally Collings                829  69pts
  11. Zoe Matthews                 60  70pts
  12. Stan Metcalf                    46   74pts
  13. Chris Weston                 194   104pts