IOM Winter 2019 #4 25/1/20

A challenging wind from the SW (clubhouse) blowing around mid to light top suit was the order of the first half of the days sailing for the 13 skippers. After Dave Williams had set the course, Bernie and Jack got us underway.
Quickly out of the blocks with an embarrassing lead to take the first race was Brad Gibson in conditions that suit the Red Wine well. 7 races sailed before a cup of tea with the racing now becoming a lot closer as skippers learnt the wind and especially the start line that had considerable bias compared to normal.
Another 5 races after tea and the wind straightened for many races that gave skippers the chance to experience winds not seen at Gautby Road for 25 plus years now the trees have gone, at last, wind in the Gautby Road corner. Racing at times was very closely fought throughout the fleet but the rules observed and penalties taken without question by all skippers was my observation.
It was great to see Dave Burke returning to the club for his Saturday afternoon fix of sailing and also the many guests that the ‘Birkenhead Winter Series’ attracts, all very welcome.
At the end, with light failing it was Brad Gibson (Red Wine) who took the spoils with 10 wins, Graham Elliott (Widget) in second position with just 2 wins and Dave Potter (Viper) 3rd.
Well done to all skippers for a brilliant days sailing, Jack, Bernie and  Dave for organising the sailing side of the day and finally Joyce for a cuppa at half time.
  1. Brad Gibson                   2             10pts       10 wins
  2. Graham Elliot              27           23pts          2 wins
  3. David Potter                 20           34pts
  4. Bill Culshaw                  21           36pts
  5. Dave Burke                    30           43pts
  6. Alan Watkinson           23           63pts
  7. Lawrence Drennan     57           64pts
  8. Chris Chatfield               7           70pts
  9. Neil Westbrook            03           72pts
  10. Phillip Davies                80          87pts
  11. John Pemberton          114        106pts
  12. Ken Jones                         71         108pts
  13. Charles Legg                   25        122pts

After 12 races