DragonForce Autumn Series #5 30/10/19

A sunny, but cold day met the 13 DF65s for the 5th Autumn series race today.  The wind was from the clubhouse end which ensured a gusty A rig day which bordered on B rig.  Again our Race Officer Ernie set a longer one lap course due to the numbers sailing.  Richard,Neil and Dave W got of to strong starts but it was Kris and John that we’re steadily pulling ahead. There was plenty of close racing down the fleet with the windy runs being very interesting.  It was good to see Graham back on the water but it was Neil’s last race for a month as Malta is calling.
10 races were completed .
1.John Brierley             84            11pts
2.Kris Morrow.             94           16pts
3.Andrew Peters.          19           32pts
4.Dave Williams.        233          34pts
5.Neil Westbrook.        03           38pts
6.Richard Robinson.   01           43pts
7.Sally Collings.          829          51pts
8.Derek Mathews.        57           55pts
9.John Carling.               11           60pts
10.Dave Pickup.             86          63pts
11.Chris Weston.          194          74pts
12.Alan Watkinson.     373         87pts.
13.Graham Reeves.                       93pts.