Strebor Open 2019

After the forecasts during the week were predicting a decent 10mph breeze to start the day it was disappointing for there to be barely 3 mph on arrival at the lake with rain threatening.  Racing got underway in at most 3 or 4mph from the East and the rain started.  The first race saw a three way tussle between John Berry, who was first at mark 1. quickly followed by Paul Allen and Brad Gibson.  Unfortunately John was overtaken by the end by both boats and Brad took the win, with Paul second.  In the second race, Paul took the win and Brad was second and Martin Roberts third having missed the first race due to the Rugby World Cup.  Brad took the third race followed by John Berry and Alan Watkinson.  By this time, the breeze had all but disappeared and so the 11 sailors (including one Scottish visitor) went in for an early drink which turned into a lunch break whilst they waited for some wind (and Paul Allen decided to finish his day).  At 1pm, the breeze had turned through 180 degrees and was now from the West and back to about 3mph.  Four more races were completed by 2:40, when the wind dropped out again.  Each of these were easily taken by Brad in a master class of light wind sailing, leaving the fleet to fight over second and third, each taken by different boats but Martin probably a little more consistent than others. A further tea break was taken, but the wind did not reappear and the event finished at 7 races.  Thanks to Peter Baldwin for running the first three races and Bernie for the final four races.  Overall Results were:

  1. Brad Gibson                    21        6pts
  2. John Berry                        12      19pts
  3. Martin Roberts               22     21pts
  4. Peter Baldwin                  63     21.25pts
  5. Lawrence Drennan         57    32pts  ((1x2nd)
  6. Alan Watkinson               23      32pts (0x2nd)
  7. Andrew Peter                    66     36pts  (2x5th)
  8. Colin McGinnis                45      36pts (1x5th)
  9. Dave Williams                   33       49pts
  10. Paul Allen                            27      51pts
  11. Mike Williams                  243     69pts

Next week sees the start of the IOM Winter Series.