DragonForce Summer Series #8 21/8/19

The wind was everywhere but mainly from over the top of the houses. Kris really got on top of the conditions and had a very convincing score-sheet.
10 races were held with thanks to Sally and Ernie for their help in running the races.
Our Club President made a welcome appearance if a little late, missing the first 4 races, but still put on a commendable performance for his first time with a radio boat.
1st.   Kris Morrow.            16pts
2nd. John Brierley.          17pts
3rd.   Neil Westbrook.    18 pts
4th.   Andrew Peter.        23 pts
5th.   Alan Watkinson.    39 pts
6th.   Richard Walker.     42 pts
7th.   Bernie McNulty.     51pts
8th.   Dave Pickup.            55pts
9th.   David Halstead.      58pts