Icebergs versus Dragons

aka Dragonforce 65 Winter #5 Results

After an early lake inspection by Ernie it was decided to inform the distant travellers that the chance of sailing was slight, due to ice and light wind.

This situation changed at 10.30 when 7 very keen sailors turned up to race.

A short course at the clubhouse end was set with 8 races being held.

With the wind strength increasing the ice floating into the course caused problems to the light boats stopping them dead and pushing them backwards. The racing was then abandoned and all retired to the clubhouse for tea and a chat.

  1. Ernie Rice 10 Pts
  2. Colin Deakin 14 (on count back)
  3. Andrew Peter 14
  4. Alan Watkinson 24
  5. Sally Collings 27
  6. Richard Walker 33
  7. David Benjamin 37


(Note – Last weeks racing [#4] was abandoned due to lack of wind)