Weather permitting , Neil and Andrew will allocate an hour or so, to offer advice and answer any queries. The aim is to cover all aspects of DF65 Sailing, from Rig Builds to Radio equipment, Rig Tuning  to Sailing skills.
There will also be a short session on Race Officer duties, to  support the new system of rotating RO’S.
We will then finish the day with a Race or two.
Please sign up as per the current Race Entry system.  If you have any questions – contact  Andrew Peter- via the club contacts page or talk to him at the club.

DF65 Social Racing 2021 #6 5/5/21

14 sailors made it to the start line, with a light and variable Westerly breeze, A+ plus rigs were chosen.

Race Officer Richard Robinson set a course using the full length of the lake, and all went well until race 5, when we were hit with a severe squall and hailstones, scattering the fleet and making it almost impossible to sail to the finish line. After a brief respite, after which some decided to depart early, we managed another 3 races, making eight in total, with a two lap race to finish.

Another day of very close racing, as the points testify.

  1. Alan Watkinson    373    7 Pts
  2. Andrew Peter         919  15 Pts
  3. Neil Westbrook        03 20 Pts
  4. John Carlin                 11  24 Pts
  5. Paul Little                   45 28 Pts
  6. Tre Joinville               19  29 Pts
  7. Mike De St Paer        35   31 Pts
  8. James Douglas          73  38 Pts
  9. Sally Collings          829  43 Pts
  10. Charles Legg              21    51 Pts
  11. Richard Walker         39  54 Pts
  12. Stan Metcalfe            46  59 Pts
  13. Malcolm Harvey   1019  66 Pts
  14. Barrie Baugh            147   67 Pts

IOM Club Racing 2021 #3 1/5/2021

A total of 11 sailors turned out for the third in this series of individual IOM club race days for an afternoon of racing in a good but cool top suit breeze straight down the lake (WNW) and plenty of sunshine.  Racing got underway soon after 1pm following some minor course tweaks by the Commodore after last weeks RG65 racing.  With plenty of shifts to either make good gains or catch you out, the racing was close with place changes throughout the fleet in most races.

Martin Roberts set the pace by winning race 1, followed by Bill Culshaw taking race 2 by a big margin having picked up a great shift on the RHS of the course soon after the start whilst most of the fleet was tacking up the near bank.  He followed this up with wins in races 3 and 5 with John Brierley gaining his first win in race 4.  Martin then won the race 6 before a short break was taken, with the overall result al to play for in the next 6 races.

The “re-fuelling” break helped Peter Baldwin gain his first win in race 7, before Martin picked up his third win in race 8.  John took race 9 and Dave Burke race 10 having been second in a number of previous races. John then gained his third win in race 11 and Peter rounded out the afternoon with the final win.  So the wins were spread over 5 different helms and the final points were very close, with only one point separating Martin in first and John second and then two points between Peter in third and Bill, fourth.  Thanks once again to Bernie and Jack for running the afternoon. Photos courtesy of Dave Williams.

  1. Martin Roberts          22     A2                     25pts     3 wins
  2. John Brierley              84     brit pop          26pts     3 wins
  3. Peter Baldwin            63     Lintel MMX   31pts     2 wins
  4. Bill Culshaw                21     brit pop           33pts     3 wins
  5. Dave Burke                  30     brit pop          41pts     1 win
  6. Neil Westbrook          03    Widget            56pts
  7. Tre Joinville                94    Lintel               57pts
  8. Andrew Peter              66    V9                    62pts
  9. Alan Watkinson         23    brit pop          80pts
  10. Mike Williamson       43    TS2                  82pts
  11. Charles Legg               25    Rubix               105pts

After 12 races

If anyone in the club (or prospective members) would like to try sailing an IOM, then Andrew Peter has a couple of race ready IOM’s to loan out.  Please make contact with him at the club or through the contact pages if you wish to give it a try.  There may be other loan boats available in the club if both of those are used up in the future. We would love more sailors to experience the buzz of close competitive racing available at the club in this fleet.

DF65 Social Racing 2021 #5 28/4/21

A big thanks to Charles Legg, who acted as Race Officer for this weeks racing, as part of the new system of rotating RO duties.

A light ESE breeze and sunshine saw a full turnout of 15 sailors, with A+ rigs being the choice.  As ever, the wind filled in as the day progressed and the course was altered more than once to reflect the conditions.  As the results show, competition was stiff with new faces and new members sailing in this class are making sure of that!

It really is great to see “New Blood” in the fleet and on the water.  Looking forward to more enjoyable competition, then we suggest getting your name on the race list.

  1. Andrew Peter              919   22pts
  2. Richard Robinson        01   23pts
  3. Neil Westbrook           03   28pts
  4. Mike de St Paer             35   34pts
  5. John Carlin                      11   37pts
  6. David Williams           233   39pts
  7. James Douglas              73   50pts
  8. Paul Little                      45   54pts
  9. Richard Walker           39   58pts
  10. Simon Bates                 69   68pts
  11. Sally Collings             829  68pts
  12. Andrew Potter            194  90pts
  13. Stan Metcalfe               46  90pts
  14. Alan Watkinson         373  93pts
  15. Malcolm Harvey      1019  99pts

10 races sailed.

RG/DF65 Club Racing 2021 #2 25/4/21

A beautiful sunny day with the wind blowing from the SE with some serious shifts and gusts to keep you on your toes.
Peter Baldwin once again got the waders on and set a great course with quite some bias on both the start line and the leeward gate, the DF65’s started with the fleet but went to there own windward mark and if this is set correctly the leading RG’s and DF’s will finish together, as they did today.
We had 8 RG65’s that included 5 Pocket Rockets (Dave Creed) 1 Uno (Ceccarelli), 1 Argon (Graham Bantock) and an Electronica (Brad Gibson) plus 2 DF65’s, a mixture of rigs were used for the first few races with some in a lower aspect ‘A’ rig and some in there full height rig, the 2 DF’s both choosing the A+ rig.
It was Graham Elliott reunited with his Electronica that showed the early pace, winning the first 5 races, John Brierley taking the 6th race. The DF’s sharing wins in the first 4 races but Mike then taking the final 2 races before we called a lunch break. After the break, all RG’s now had there tallest rigs on with the edge going out of the gusts and another 6 races sailed to wrap up the day.
It was great to see a rare appearance from Andrea Roberts sailing an RG for the first time and I am sure she will now be hooked after todays decent set of results even if she does now have to do the washing up for the week after losing a side bet with Martin. Many thanks to Bernie for once again starting and finishing us.
  1. Graham Elliot            9       electronica            9pts   8 wins
  2. John Brierley           84       uno                        24pts   3wins
  3. Martin Roberts      184      pocket rocket    24pts   1 wins
  4. Peter Baldwin          63       pocket rocket    39pts
  5. Andrea Roberts       55       argon                    42pts
  6. Neil Westbrook       03       pocket rocket    52pts
  7. Matt Stephenson   08       pocket rocket    72pts
  8. Dave Williams         33        pocket rocket    73pts
Mike De St Paer      35       10pts        10 wins
John Carlin               11         18pts         2 wins
after 12 races