Dragonforce Autumn Series #13 & #14 Results

Two for the price of one – sorry for the delay posting these!

#13 – 7/11/18

  1. John Brierley 13 Pts
  2. Andrew Peter 26
  3. Dave Williams 30
  4. Derek Matthews 33
  5. Alan Watkinson 34
  6. Colin Deakin 38
  7. Richard Walker 38

14 races sailed.

Once again, a good wind straight down the lake and all sailors managed to get into the clubhouse before a tremendous downpour!

#14 14/11/18

  1. Peter Baldwin 15 Pts
  2. Alan Watkinson 20
  3. Dave Williams 30
  4. Richard Walker 35
  5. Colin Deakin 43
  6. Sally Collings 47

12 races sailed with a light SE breeze, big shifts and A+ rigs.  Four different race winners from the 6 people sailing.

Website/Results People Needed

As many of you will already know, I have moved outside of the area and I am no longer attending the club regularly. As a result I want to hand over the reins of running the website to someone who is actively involved in the club by the end of this season.

There are 3 main things that I do, and the role could easily be split between 2 or 3 people with appropriate skills/knowledge so there is no need to be a website guru to do all of these.

Firstly,  not so obvious, but a very important part is the collating of the series results. I do this using Sailwave which is purpose built software for sailing results and will run on any windows PC.

Secondly there is the day-to day posting of results and news to the website – this isn’t difficult and if you have the ability to post a message on a forum or facebook etc you would be capable of doing this.

The final thing is any major changes to the website, such as layout changes, updating the software (WordPress) and backups – this is probably the only part that requires any web skills (ideally WordPress), but is also the smallest part of the role.

I am more than willing to help people during a transition phase and will always be available at the end of a phone/email to help – so I promise things won’t just be dumped on anyone who volunteers.

Please consider if you could help with any or all of these roles and feel free to contact me to discuss things.


DF65 Autumn Series #12 31/10/18

Did that heading say “Autumn” series – the report from the lake says it was more like the Winter Series with a very cold, but good breeze straight down the lake.

Seven sailors gathered and Sally once again did race officer duties. Dave W had rudder servo failure and unfortunately had to retire.

  1. John Brierley 17 Pts
  2. Andrew Peter 20
  3. Neil Westbrook 24
  4. Richard Walker 34
  5. Colin Deakin 42
  6. Derek Matthews 54
  7. Dave Williams RTD

12 races sailed.

DF65 Autumn Series #11

10 sailors hanging on to the top end of an A rig with the wind straight down the lake.

  1. John Brierley 8 Pts
  2. Peter Baldwin 11
  3. Andrew Peter 24
  4. Ernie Rice 30
  5. Alan Watkinson 31
  6. Derek Matthews 34
  7. Neil Westbrook 37
  8. Colin Deakin 39
  9. Dave Williams 41 (2 x 3rd)
  10. Richard Walker 41 (1x3rd)

10 races sailed