DF65 Social Racing 2021 #3 14/4/21

Yet another sunny but chilly spring day at Birkenhead, with a very light breeze hardly rippling the water for the first race.  RO Andrew Peter set a single lap ¾ length course, with the breeze filling in slightly from the NW. as the morning progressed.  Some new faces were welcomed into the DF65 racing fleet, and the competition was very keen throughout, as the closeness of the final points indicates.

A slightly longer course was set for the last two races as the breeze picked up gaving ideal sailing for A+ rigs. 8 races were completed.  One ‘no-show’ in the bookings fortunately gave our stand-by sailor the chance to compete, and two ‘guests’ arrived to spectate, Martin Roberts and potential new member Mike Hilton.

As has been the case for the last 3 DF65 Wednesday races, the breeze has filled in towards the end of each session, with ideal steady wind conditions just as we are finishing the days racing.  Would a move to a later start time, of say 12.00 noon, perhaps be considered sensible. If you have any thoughts on this subject, please talk to Andrew Peter when you next see him or email him through his details on the Contact page.

  1. Neil Westbrook        03   11 pts   4 x 1st
  2. Richard Robinson   01   11 pts    1 x 1st
  3. David Williams      233   20 pts
  4. Alan Watkinson     373   22 pts
  5. Mike De St Paer        35   23 pts
  6. James Douglas          73   30 pts
  7. Paul Little                   45   33 pts
  8. Sally Collings          829   41 pts
  9. Don Mackinnon     933   45 pts
  10. Charles Legg              21   54 pts
  11. Stan Metcalfe           46   60 pts
  12. Malcolm Harvey  1019   61 pts
  13. Barry Bough             147  62 pts

After 8 races sailed and two discards

Death of MYA Patron

Following the sad news on Friday, 9th April of the death of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Birkenhead Radio Sailing & Power Club wish to send our deepest sympathies to Her Majesty and family at this sad time.

RG/DF65 Club Racing 2021 #1

   A sunny, top suit day with the wind blowing straight down the lake, met the 7 RG65 and 5 DF 65 sailors for the 1st Saturday sailing for these classes since lockdown was lifted.

The assembled sailors observed a minutes silence in memory of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, before racing commenced.

The DF65 fleet had a few retirements due to gear failure, which left Richard Robinson a clear winner from John Carlin and Mike De St Paer.

In the RG65 class, Peter Baldwin was fast out of the blocks winning the first two races, with “newcomer” to the fleet Martin Roberts showing a fine turn of speed and best consistency to win overall.  Many of the fleet managed to show at the front of the fleet during the 11 races, to provide a very close day’s sailing.  Thanks once again to Bernie for running the afternoon.

1st   Martin Roberts       184   19 points     Pocket Rocket  3 wins
2nd John Brierley             84   22 points     Uno                      3 wins 4x2nd
3rd  Graham Elliott          55   22 points     Argon                  3 wins 3x2nd
4th  Peter Baldwin           63   26 points     Pocket Rocket  2 wins
5th  Neil Westbrook         03   32 points     Pocket Rocket
6th  Dave Williams           33    41 points     Pocket Rocket
7th  Alan Watkinson        23    54 points    Scurry

1st Richard Robinson     01     11 points    7 wins
2nd. John Carlin                11     20 points  2 wins
3rd. Mike de St Par           35    22 points  1 win
4th. Sally Collings          829  44 points
5th. Andrew Peter          919   49 points   1 win

11 races sailed.  Photos from John Brierley

DF65 Social Racing 2021 #2 7/4/21

Thirteen sailors attended again for DF Race Number Two, sporting A Plus rigs, in a light but chilly WNW breeze, which gradually filled in as the day progressed, to allow 10 single lap races.  Race Officer Neil Westbrook set a long course using the full lake, giving excellent sailing on all points.  Competition was close, with race wins shared by 5 sailors, and close fought battles taking place for every position throughout the fleet.

With several new members recently joined, we look forward to seeing more sailors competing in the coming weeks. Get your bookings in early to make sure of a place in the race !

  1. Richard Robinson      01   12 pts
  2. Mike de St Paer           35  20 pts
  3. Andrew Peter             919  24 pts
  4. Alan Watkinson        373  30 pts [ 2 x 1st ]
  5. John Carlin                     11  30 pts [ 1 x 1st ]
  6. Don Mackinnon        933  49 pts
  7. David Williams          233  50 pts
  8. Richard Walker           39  54 pts
  9. Derek Matthews         57  60 pts
  10. Sally Collings            829  69 pts
  11. Paul Little                     45  74 pts
  12. Stan Metcalfe              46  83 pts
  13. Malcolm Harvey     1019  90 pts

After 10 races

IOM Club Racing 2021 #1

This, the first IOM racing after lockdown 3 proved to be a great re-introduction after more than 3 months of no sailing.  The racing started out with a light NE breeze for a couple of races with plenty of shifts and gusts to test the 9 helms.  The wind then started to tempt us with a NW breeze starting to fill in then return to NE and we ended up with 2 races that either had three beats plus one run and one with then 2 runs followed by two beats.

There was a short delay whilst the marks were moved around and the course reset for a WNW breeze pretty well straight down the lake, (to most peoples surprise) and plenty of sunshine to go with it.  It also picked up a notch and started to be towards a top end No 1 in the gusts.

Racing was tight through the whole afternoon with at times, the whole fleet finishing in quick succession and testing both the calling skills of Jack and Bernie’s scribing to record the results.  Overall a great afternoon’s racing of 11 races in good friendly fashion with plenty of learning points gained.

  1. Peter Baldwin              63       Lintel MMX         20pts   ( 4 wins )
  2. Martin Roberts           22        Slim Chine           23pts  ( 5 wins )
  3. Bill Culshaw                 21        brit pop                  24pts  ( 2 wins )
  4. John Brierley               24        brit pop                 30pts
  5. Graham Birkett          133       widget                   34pts
  6. Dave Burke                    30        brit pop                40pts
  7. Neil Westbrook            03       widget                   42pts
  8. Tre Joinville                   94       lintel                     50pts
  9. Charles Legg                    6       Triple Crown     75pts

Results after 11 races.

Thanks once again go to Jack and Bernie for running the racing.

Photos thanks to Andrew Peter.

DF65 Social Racing 2021 #1

The day was dedicated to the memory of Christopher Weston.

Our first post lockdown race saw 13 sailors arrive to very light winds. The first race was run over a one lap short course, but as the wind filled in, we ran 3 medium length two lap races, eventually extending the course to the full length of the lake for the last 4 races.  Thanks go to Andrew Peter who stepped in to run this weeks racing.

Results after 8 races

  1. David Potter                        946      14pts 5 x 1sts
  2. Richard Robinson                01       14 pts 3 x 1sts
  3. Neil Westbrook                      03      40 pts
  4. Alan Watkinson                   373      50 pts 2 x 2nds
  5. John Carlin                                11      50 pts 1 x 3rd
  6. Mike de St Paer                       35      53 pts
  7. Dave Williams                        233    66 pts
  8. Richard Walker                         39   69 pts
  9. Paul Little                                   45    70 pts
  10. Charles Legg                              21     73 pts
  11. Derek Matthews                       57    75 pts
  12. Sally Collings                          829   79 pts
  13. Barry Baugh                             147    87 pts