7th July IOM racing postponed

As there are several other regional races taking place on 7th and also the small matter of the England Quarter Final match taking place on the same day we have decided the racing is better moved to an alternative date to ensure a good turnout.

The IOM racing scheduled for 7th July will now be held on 11th August instead.

Dragonforce Spring Series #12 20/6/18

An experimental days sailing with the first widespread use of the A+ rig in club racing – after some stronger winds and a persistent heavy rain storm the limits of the A+ rig were soon discovered.

Only 7 races were scored  – after that the scoresheet became to wet to record any more results.

  1. John Brierley 5 Pts
  2. Neil Westbrook 10
  3. Andrew Peter 12
  4. Richard Walker 19
  5. Colin Deakin 21
  6. Alan Watkinson 24
  7. Visiting sailor 27
  8. Dave Pickup 28
  9. Derek Matthews 36