DF65 Social Racing 2022 #3 (19/1/22)

Sunny, windy and the wind straight down the lake, were the conditions that met sixteen sailors for the DF65 racing today. B rig was the rig of choice, but which at times was over powering in the gusts. RO for the day John Brierley set the course over the full length of the lake and the starting line was extremely competitive with many competitors wanting to get to the clubhouse bank first and gain an advantage. Alan Watkinson continued his form from Saturday, to run out the winner with Dave Williams close behind. Competition was keen for the other podium position, with John Carlin edging out Richard Robinson by the end.

  1. Alan Watkinson       13 pts 5 wins
  2. Dave Williams          22 pts 1 win
  3. John Carlin                30 pts 1 win
  4. Richard Robinson  31 pts 2 wins
  5. Mike de St Paer       35 pts
  6. James Douglas         37 pts. 1 win
  7. Charles Legg             48 pts
  8. Stan Metcalf              55 pts
  9. Richard Walker        57 pts
  10. Dan Skinner              71 pts
  11. Sally Collings           74 pts
  12. Paul Little                  80 pts
  13. Malcolm Harvey     86 pts
  14. John Beech                99 pts
  15. Barry Baugh           106 pts
  16. Paul Whalley          123 pts

Next Saturday (22/1/22) is the 3rd race in the Winter Series for the RG and DF65, with a start time 1200hrs.  Visitors always welcome – please enter via the upcoming events link.

IOM Winter Series 2021 #2 (15/1/22)

A bright afternoon with the wind from the clubhouse end, met the six competitors in the second IOM Winter series. Alan Watkinson started of strongly with a win and continued to show he had set a perfect trim.

Martin Roberts then got into his stride with 3 wins with the other competitors close behind in the variable but generally stable wind. Charles Legg was having problems with a borrowed boat leaking badly, his new K2 should solve that problem. Bill Culshaw and John Berry were also in the mix at times, then John Brierley managed two wins to round off the six races sailed before tea break. When the competitors came out for the afternoon session, there was – nothing. The wind had disappeared completely and RO Dave Williams after consulting the sailors called time on the days proceedings. Thanks go to Dave and Bernie along with Jack for running the afternoons racing.

Martin Roberts         Vanilla              7 pts    3 wins

John Brierley             Britpop             9 pts    2 wins
Alan Watkinson        Britpop           12 pts    1 win
Bill Culshaw               Britpop           18 pts
John Berry                  Lintel MMX  23 pts
Charles Legg              A2                     30 pts
After 6 races

DF65 Social Racing 2022 #2 (12/1/22)

18 sailors arrived expecting a decent wind, but it was not to be until the last few races. Malcolm our OD set us off on a course using all the marks on the lake which was interesting, but unfortunately took 30 mins to complete. In addition, during this race the wind direction unfortunately changed 180 degrees making it very difficult to identify positions on the finish line.

A series of short races followed, making it then possible to manage 9 races. Thanks again to Malcolm running the races under difficult conditions.

  1. Richard Robinson    13 pts 3 wins
  2. Mike de St Paer         23 pts. 1 win
  3. James Douglas          30 pts 2 wins
  4. Andrew Potter          30 pts. 1 win
  5. John Carlin                 31 pts
  6. Alan Watkinson       40 pts 2 wins
  7. Richard Walker        44 pts
  8. Neil Westbrook        48 pts
  9. David Williams         49 pts
  10. Don Mackinnon        61 pts
  11. Dan Skinner               65 pts
  12. Stan Metcalf              70 pts
  13. Charles Legg             74 pts
  14. Tony Marsden          81 pts
  15. Barry Baugh              86 pts
  16. Sally Collings          103 pts
  17. John Beech               106 pts
  18. Ken Roscoe.              125 pts


RG/DF65 Winter series 2021 #3 (8/1/21)

​Well, if we had started one hour earlier we would of all been soaked and sailing in C rig, as it was, we started on time at 12 midday with a medium top suit breeze and no rain all afternoon.

8 RG65 boats entered the race which is a decent turnout, unfortunately we lost Charles Legg and Dave Williams for the last 3 races with gear failure.
7 races completed before tea break with all skippers using there full height, full area A rigs. After the break the wind piped up a little, especially the gusts and everyone either changed down a rig to reduced height but still full area swing or conventional rig. Another 5 races after break gave us a total of 12 races for the day, racing was hotly contested with no one skipper really dominating and not much separating the top 3 positions.
Race winners were, Graham Elliott (7) ELECTRONICA, John Brierley (4) UNO and Peter Baldwin (1) UNO.
Well done to all and thanks once again to Bernie for starting and finishing the fleet.
Graham Elliot           09      electronica           13pts    7 wins
John Brierley            84       uno                          21pts   4 wins
Peter Baldwin          63       uno                           23pts   1win
Martin Roberts        33       pocket rocket       41pts
​Neil westbrook        03       uno                           50pts
Alan Watkinson       23       pocket rocket      59pts
Dave Williams          33       uno                           64pts
Charles Legg             26       uno                           71pts
After 12 races

DF65 Social Racing 2022 #1

14 sailors arrived to find a bright & crisp morning with a medium breeze circa 15knots blowing straight down the lake. A rigs were chosen as the order of the day.

OOD Richard Robinson set a course using the full length of the lake utilizing the top windward & Leeward gate marks and finishing midway up the second beat.

10 races were completed with the wind providing some challenging switches in direction with James Douglas leading the pack home with a tie for 2nd broken only on count back between Mike & Dave.

  1. James Douglas           73     13 pts  5x1st
  2. Mike De St Paer          35    21 pts  2x1st, 2x2nd, 3x3rd
  3. David Williams         233    21 pts  2x1st, 2x2nd, 2x3rd
  4. John Carlin                    11     24 pts  1x1st
  5. Simon Bates                 69    31 pts
  6. Neil Westbrook           03     42 pts
  7. Don MacKinnon       933     44 pts
  8. Paul Little                     45      60 pts
  9. Richard Walker           39     62 pts
  10. John Beech                    80     83 pts
  11. Malcolm Harvey      1019    83 pts
  12. Paul Whaley                  53     87 pts
  13. Charles Legg                 21     92 pts
  14. Sally Collings             829    94 pts

DF65 Social Racing #33 (29/12/21)

11 sailors turned up to race today and with A rigs chosen we had to wait for a while for the wind to decide in which direction it was going to take.

After the wind changed direction by 90 degrees a course was set by OOD Neil Westbrook using the far bank as the wind had died from the house side of the lake

A rectangular course was set using the full length of the lake and 10 races were completed in the difficult shifty winds but at least the weather was kind to us.

  1. JOHN BRIERLEY              84    9 pts
  2. RICHARD ROBINSON  901   21 pts
  3. JOHN CARLING                 11   25 pts
  4. SALLY COLLINGS        829   30 pts
  5. RICHARD WALKER        39  33 pts
  6. DON METCALFE          933   34 pts
  7. JAMES DOUGLAS            73   51 pts
  8. CHRIS WESTON            194   57 pts  1-3RD
  9. STAN METCALFE       2146  57 pts  1-6TH
  10. PAUL WHALEY                 53  63 pts