DragonForce Spring Series #3 17/4/19

A total of seven helms turned out for this weeks DF65 racing on Wednesday morning.  A light breeze straight down the lake from the clubhouse allowed RO Dave Williams to set a good length course using nearly the whole length of the lake, giving overtaking opportunities for those that spotted the shifts.  A mix of both one and two lap races were sailed with a few course changes just to mix things up.  Winning the start line was, as usual, the recipe for success as whoever arrived first at the windward mark normally went on to win the race, even with two laps.  After nine races and two discards the final results were:

  1. Peter Baldwin                11 pts
  2. Neil Westbrook             18 pts
  3. Andrew Peter                20 pts
  4. Alan Watkinson            24 pts
  5. Colin Deakin                  42 pts     1x3rd
  6. Derek Matthews           42 pts     0x3rd
  7. Bob Davies                      45 pts

Many thanks to Dave Williams for giving up his racing and running an excellent mornings racing.

IOM Club Series #3 13/4/19

The small fleet of 5 boats were greeted with a breeze which was straight down the pond from the clubhouse, but with some rapid shifts that were often short lived and confusing.  The first boats out for practice were able to cope in a Top suit, but then the breeze picked up a good 5 knots in the gusts, making downwind legs almost impossible and so everyone changed down to No 2 for a delayed start.

The early leader was Peter Baldwin with three wins in his Lintel MMX, until Alan Watkinson took a win in his Britpop.  By the tea break the wind appeared to be easing a little and so after tea everyone changed into Top rig for the last five races.  Although there were a few difficult moments for most helms in this second session due to the gusts, the change to Top Rig appeared to be the right choice.  Alan Watkinson took another win in the second session followed by a win for Lawrence Drennan (Britpop).  However, with a further three wins, Peter Baldwin ended up overall winner.

  1. Peter Baldwin              10pts
  2. Alan Watkinson          18 pts
  3. Lawrence Drennan    26pts
  4. Andrew Peter               30pts
  5. Neil Westbrook           41pts

Thanks go to Bernie and Jack once again for running the racing, keeping scores and to Jack for making the tea.

DragonForce Spring Series #2 10/4/19

A good turnout today with sunshine and a gentle breeze. Unfortunately   electrical and mechanical gremlins affected 3 of the boats causing them to drop out.
All competitors were kept in check by Sally who was not able to sail.

1st. Neil Westbrook          10 pts
2nd. Alan Watkinson       28 pts
3rd. Derek Matthews       35 pts
4th. Colin Deakin              36 pts
5th. Richard Walker         42 pts
6th. Dave Williams           49 pts
7th. Andrew Peter             59 pts
8th. Bob Davies                  68 pts

12 races were sailed

IOM Club Series #2 6/4/19

With a number of home boats either away at the first IOM Ranking weekend, on holiday or competing at the RG65 TT, there was a limited entry of 4 boats this week, who sailed in a Top suit breeze straight down the lake.

  1.       Bill Culshaw               21        13pts
  2.       Graham Birkett       133       23pts
  3.       Lawrence Drennan  57      26pts
  4.       Andrew Peter             66      28pts

After 12 races sailed

The series continues next Saturday 13/4/19.

DragonForce Spring Series #1 3/4/19

A wet, cold  day with very light winds greeted 6 sailors, dropping off to no wind but still managed to hold six races.
1st         John Brierley            5 pts
2nd       Andrew Peter          15pts.  1 x 1st
3rd        Alan Watkinson     15 pts. 0 x 1st
4th        Neil Westbrook      16 pts
5th        Richard Walker      21 pts
6th        Dave Williams        24 pts

IOM Club Series #1 30/3/19

10 Sailors were greeted with a light W to NW breeze straight down the pond and some decent sunny spells.  A few sailors chose to use this afternoon to get back into their sailing “groove” before next weeks first Ranking weekend at Castle Semple, making for some close competitive racing.  Picking the right place on the start line was critical and with the wind shifting and varying in strength, there were a few general recalls during the afternoon.  Graham Birkett made a rare appearance and had one or two good results during the day, culminating in winning the last race. perhaps with a bit more practice at mark rounding he would have finished higher up the placings. Martin Roberts made a flying visit  after the tea break to try out a new boat, therefore only managed to compete in only the last four races.

Consistency (as usual) was key to winning the day and the king of that was Brad Gibson. Sailing with extensively updated rigs on his Red Wine design, he managed to win 7 out of the 10 races and ending up with less than half the points of  second placed Rob Walsh.

Thanks go to Bernie, Dave Williams and Jack for running today’s racing and making the drinks at “half-time”.  The next IOM afternoon is in a weeks time on 6/4/19.

Overall Results

    1. Brad Gibson               2          10 pts
    2.  Rob Walsh                25        22 pts
    3. Victoria Gibson       62       25 pts
    4. Graham Birkett      133      43 pts
    5. Lawrence Drennan 57      46 pts
    6. John Berry                  12       49 pts (2x3rd)
    7. Graham Elliott          09      49 pts (1x3rd)
    8. Peter Baldwin            63       60 pts
    9. Neil Westbrook         03        65 pts
    10. Howard Garner          67       78 pts
    11. Martin Roberts          29       83 pts