Christmas IOM Race

With the water levels being low this year and some silting up in the lake we have taken the early decision to swap the class for this season’s Christmas Race on 15th December from Marblehead to IOM – so don’t turn up with a Marblehead!

In another break from tradition, there won’t be a cash entry fee this year  – instead, in the spirit of Christmas, we ask all entrants to bring a gift-wrapped present with a minimum value of £5 (ie. we will have a “secret santa” prizegiving).

Racing will start promptly at 10.30am.

This is an open event for all MYA members and you may enter on the day, but if you are intending to race,  please email Graham Elliott so we have an idea of the number of entries.

18 Entries so far –
Brad Gibson
Derek Priestley
Martin Roberts
Graham Elliott
Victoria Gibson
Bill Culshaw

Paul Allen
Alan Watkinson
Andrew Peter
John Brierley
Dave Williams
Mike Parkington
Sue Parkington
Darrin Ballington
Peter Baldwin
Neil Westbrook
David Foster
David Alston

Dragonforce Autumn Series #17 12/12/18

The racing last week was cancelled due to the horrendous wet weather but the world was put to rights over a mug of tea. Today had a good turnout of 10 sailors all rigging their boats with B rigs.

1st.       John Brierley.         8 pts
2nd.     Alan Watkinson     17 pts
3rd.      Andrew Peter.        21 pts.       2x1st
4th.      Neil Westbrook.     21 pts.        0x1st
5th.      Dave Williams.        24 pts
6th.      Derek Matthews.    28 pts
7th.      Colin Deakin.           47 pts
8th.      Ernie Rice.               48 pts
9th.      Richard Walker.       49 pts
10th.    Sally Collings.          51 pts

10 races held.

Dragonforce Autumn Series #16 28/11/18

A good “B” suit wind, straight down the lake and in a much warmer climate this week.

  1. John Brierley 10 Pts
  2. Alan Watkinson 13
  3. Dave Williams 14
  4. Derek Matthews 27  (1 second)
  5. Richard Walker 27 (0 seconds)
  6. Sally Collings 30
  7. Colin Deakin 33
  8. Andrew Peter 49  * Gear failure meant resorting to “C” rig.

10 races sailed.

DF65 Autumn Series #15 21/11/18

Another very cold day at the lake, good wind blowing straight down the lake. A+ was the rig for about 4 mins then straight down to B.

After 8 races the call for hot drinks was made which only gave us 1 discard.

  1. Peter Baldwin 9 Pts
  2. Alan Watkinson 16
  3. Sally Collings 17
  4. Dave Williams 22
  5. Andrew Peter 24
  6. Ernie Rice 26
  7. Derek Matthews 28
  8. Richard Walker 32


Your Committee would like to invite all members to our Annual General Meeting at 1400 1st December 2018 to be held at the Royal Mersey Yacht Club.

Savoury Snacks will be available on completion, the bar will be open and tea and coffee will be on hand.

2018 Notice and Agenda (downloadable pdf)

IOM Winter Series 1

A sunny and chilly day greeted 11 skippers, including visitors from Manor Park and an overseas guest! The south easterly top suit breeze enabled Bernie to set a windward leeward course stretching the full length of the lake. After 11 races Brad finished 1st sailing a 1995 red wine design. Darin was clear second and Paul and Bill separated by just one point for 3rd and 4th. The next IOM event is the Xmas IOM Race on 15th December, don’t forget your gift-wrapped secret Santa present!

1st     Brad Gibson            15pts
2nd     Darin Ballington      21pts
3rd     Paul Allen                 28pts
4th      Bill Culshaw              29pts
5th      John Brierley            41pts
6th      Vicky Gibson            44pts
7th      Emilio Gonzalez      59pts
8th      Alan Watkinson       62pts
9th      Chris Chatfield          70pts
10th   Bill Bumpus               77pts (overseas guest) Manxman.
11th    Andrew peter           80pts