DF65 Saturday Social Racing #1

A very light NW breeze greeted 8 intrepid “ Tier 3 “ sailors for our first
DF65 Saturday Race.  A Plus rigs were the order of the day, and with it being anyone’s guess which way the slight puffs of wind would come from, the score sheet was variable – just like the breeze.
Richard Robinson won the day – but only 1 race, Mike de St Paer came second with 3 wins, Sally was third with no wins, but obviously sailing consistently well for a podium place. Andrew had 2 wins for a fourth, and then everyone else – Dave, Derek, John and Charles enjoyed a win each.  Thanks to Bernie for running another afternoon of club racing.

  1. Richard Robinson     01         19pts     1 win
  2. Mike De St Pear         35         22pts     3 wins
  3. Sally Collings           829        25pts
  4. Andrew Peter           919         27pts     2 wins
  5. Dave Williams         233         33pts      1 win
  6. Derek Mathews         57         37pts      1 win
  7. John Carlin                  11          41pts      1 win
  8. Charles Legg              42         42pts      1 win

After 10 races

Birkenhead RS&PC is in a Tier 3 Area

The Club is unfortunate to be in a Tier 3 area based upon the latest UK Government classifications for Covid-19 infection levels.  As such, organised outdoor sporting activities may continue and therefore the committee have agreed that organised club events may continue for now using the MYA Guidance and a maximum of 13 sailing as one group.  When not sailing, competitors should always ensure that they do not gather in groups larger than 6.  The clubhouse will be open for access to the toilets or temporary access to equipment stored inside but face coverings should always be worn when inside.

If you live outside of the Liverpool, Halton, Wirral, Knowsley, Sefton and St Helens boroughs, then the guidance recommends that you do not travel into the Birkenhead Tier 3 area.  For the full details of what restrictions apply at each Tier see https://www.gov.uk/guidance/local-covid-alert-levels-what-you-need-to-know

This weeks DF65 Saturday racing will still therefore take place.  Any changes to this ruling will be communicated to members.

IOM Social racing #11 10/10/20

As everyone arrived for sailing this week, they were greeted with another great 12-15knot breeze straight down the lake and some sunshine after the heavy rain earlier in the day.  The only problem was that the lake was about 5m wider than normal with the concrete walkway completely covered all around the lake.  After spending some considerable time attempting to clear the overflow blockage without success, sailing commenced at 1:30, with wellingtons or waders being the only way to get your boat in the water.

John Brierley and Martin Roberts were closely matched in the first session with a similar number of wins, with only Peter Baldwin managing to nab one from them.  John Berry, Lawrence Drennan and Derek Matthews all had some good races before the short break for an al fresco drink and a bite to eat.

In the second session, we were joined by Brad Gibson sailing John Berrys’ Viper to good effect, although his results have been excluded to avoid skewing the overall result.  John, Martin and Peter had similar results in this session, with Neil Westbrook and Tre Joinville also picking up some good scores.  John took the day from Martin with slightly better consistency, with Peter taking the final podium position.  Thanks once again to Bernie and Jack for running the racing.

  1. John Brierley            84      Britpop                 12pts    4 wins
  2. Martin Roberts        22      Slim chine           14pts   4 wins
  3. Peter Baldwin          63       Lintel mmx        18pts   2 wins
  4. John Berry                123      Lintel mmx        35pts
  5. Lawrence Drennan  57     Britpop                37pts
  6. Derek Mathews        66     V9                          45pts
  7. Tre Joinville               55      Widget                47pts 1 x 3rd
  8. Neil Westbrook         03      Widget               47pts

After 10 races

Next week is scheduled to be a DF65 afternoon, always assuming that we are still able to race with talk of a restricted local lockdown.  It may be worth bringing some wellies though if you are sailing!  Here’s what it was like on Saturday:

DF65 Social Racing #7 7/10/20

A pleasant day weather wise with a good strong B suit wind from the top end of the lake. Due to the lake overflow having been blocked the pathway was several inches under water making the wellie wearers very popular for launching and recovering boats. Alan and Richard R took advantage of the conditions and took 7 of the races between them. Mike and Neil were the only ones to get near them with a first each and several seconds. A prospective new member Stan, was conscripted in to act as RO and was able to keep the races going smoothly and so our many thanks to him.

10 races sailed.

  1. Alan Watkinson       15 pts 4 wins
  2. Richard Robinson    15 pts 3 wins
  3. Mike De St Paer        21 pts
  4. Neil Westbrook        29 pts
  5. Sally Collings            43 pts
  6. John Carlin                 45 pts
  7. Dave Williams           49 pts
  8. Richard Walker         52 pts
  9. Derek Matthews       57 pts
  10. Barry Baugh               94 pts