DF65 Social Racing #2 2/9/20

The wind before the start of racing raised questions on which rig to use and the general view is that A+ should be used although there were a number of gusts passing down the lake from the East.  By the time we started racing however, the wind had dropped as the rain started.  The course of 2 beats for half of the lake proved to be plenty long enough and only allowed for 7 races to be completed with the strength of the wind.  The first race was won by Dave Williams in a close finish with Sally Collings. Having run Race 1, Peter Baldwin, then took wins in Races 2, 3, 5 and 7, with Richard Walker taking Race 4 and Sally Collings taking race 6. After suffering electrical problems between Races 1 and 2, Don Mackinnon offered to run the remaining races.  Results have therefore been calculated based upon an average of any race undertaken.

  1. Peter Baldwin       63       7.2pts
  2. Sally Collings      829      16pts
  3. Dave Williams     233      18pts
  4. Derek Matthews   57      24pts
  5. Alan Watkinson  373      25pts
  6. Richard Walker      39     27pts
  7. Don Mackinnon   933     30pts
  8. Charles Legg             21     39.6pts
  9. Colin Deakin            93      40pts
  10. Malcolm Harvey   1019    46pts

RG65 Social Racing #4 29/8/20

Another ‘Marathon’ Session, starting at 11.00am, with 16 races completed by the 4.00pm finish.  5 x RG65 and 2 x DF 65’s competed, in a moderate but shifty Northerly force 3- 4 breeze, with some tricky gusts and swirls firing down through the gaps in the buildings. ( Bring back the trees ?! )

Derek Matthews had to leave early, and Brad Gibson arrived late, so the results may be slightly skewed, but Graham Elliott took the overall win for the day, with 9 x 1sts, Brad with 7 x 1st’s took 2nd overall, with Peter Baldwin definitely ‘off-form’ , taking 3rd overall with no wins but 6 x 2nd’s.

The RG’s won the day on pure speed, but the DF65’s, sailing a slightly shorter course, were not far behind, with Andrew Peter taking 4 x 3rds and 5th overall, proving that DF’s can compete successfully on these mixed RG / DF Race days (with the help of a slightly shorter course).

Very enjoyable sailing, with cakes very kindly provided at break times by Alan Watkinsons’ wife Jocelyn , and thanks once again to RO Bernie doing us proud, as ever.

  1. Graham Elliott    55     Argon                     17pts      9 wins
  2. Brad Gibson           9     Electronica          31pts       7 wins
  3. Peter Baldwin      63    Pocket Rocket    35pts
  4. Alan Watkinson   23    Scurry                   43pts
  5. Andrew Peter      919   DF65                      52pts
  6. Dave Williams      33    Pocket Rocket    63pts
  7. Derek Mathews    57   DF65                       88pts

Start times will now revert to the normal 13.00hrs for all future Saturday racing with room for plenty more sailors to compete.  A booking system will be created to allow online booking.  More details will be published soon.

We return to IOM racing for the next two weeks.  If you wish to join us and have a go, boats are available to loan for anyone wanting to sail. – contact Andrew Peter (see contacts pages)

DF65 Social Racing #1 26/8/20

Ten sailors gathered today for the first DF65 social racing day when results were taken. Charles Legg very kindly offered to record finishing results after finding that he was missing a keel boat when assembling his boat. All but one of the fleet opted to use the A Rig as the breeze was a gusty 10 to 15 knot breeze straight down the lake. Peter Baldwin took the first four races before Mike de St Paer took his first of two wins in Races 5 and then another in 10, followed by Alan Watkinson in Races 6 and 7. Peter had another win in Race 8 and was just beaten across the finish by Dave Williams in Race 9. After 10 races, the final results had some very close points finishes and four race winners were:

  1. Peter Baldwin 63 12pts 5 wins
  2. Mike de St Paer 35 23pts 2 wins and 3x2nd
  3. Alan Watkinson 373 23pts 2 wins and 2x2nd
  4. Neil Westbrook 03 28pts
  5. Dave Williams 233 36pts 1 win
  6. Andrew Peter 19 47pts
  7. Derek Matthews 57 48pts
  8. Richard Walker 39 49pts
  9. Sally Collings 129 52pts
  10. Chris Weston 194 68pts

Racing will take place again next Wednesday with a race limit of 13 boats.

There is also racing for DF and RG65 on Saturday 29th starting at 11:00.

RG65 Social Racing #3 22/8/20

With a forecast breeze of nearly 20mph from the SW, everyone was surprised to see very little evidence of any breeze on the lake when they arrived for the 11:00 start. By the time for the first race had arrived, a gusty wind over the houses had appeared and a short course was set from a corner of the lake to the normal finish mark halfway up the lake and a 3 beat course sailed in trying conditions. Key to success was finding the breeze and tacking on the shifts rather than simple pressure changes.

Neil Westbrook took the win in races 1 and 3, with Peter Baldwin picking up the remaining wins during the morning session when 7 races were sailed before a break for lunch. Richard Robinson in the lone DF65 sailed the same course in his DF65 with an A+ rig and took some mid fleet places in the early races, but struggled to keep up with the RG65’s sporting their A swing rigs.

The fleet was joined by Brad Gibson for the afternoon session, who took the first 4 race wins before having to retire after transmitter power problems in race 12. This left Neil and Peter to fight over the remaining race wins, although Alan Watkinson picked up a win in Race 16 after Peter tried finishing early, taking Dave Williams the wrong side of the windward mark and with it a potential race win for him.

An enjoyable days sailing, mostly in A rig, but B rig for the last few races when the wind and gust strength picked up, finally finishing at 16:00 after 17 races were sailed. Peter took the day, Neil second and Alan third, although the end result may well have been different if Brad had sailed all 10 races in the afternoon.

  1. Peter Baldwin           63  Pocket Rocket    19 pts  9 wins
  2. Neil Westbrook        03  Pocket Rocket    28 pts  3 wins
  3. Dave Williams          33  Pocket Rocket     48 pts
  4. Alan Watkinson       23  Scurry                    49 pts  1 win
  5. Brad Gibson                9   Electronica          74 pts  4 wins
  6. Richard Robinson   01   DF65                      77 pts

Thanks once again to Bernie for the running the racing and keeping scores.  There is another DF/RG65 day of racing (for up to 13) next Saturday 29th August starting at 11:00.  If you are interested in sailing please contact Graham Elliott or Peter Baldwin.

IOM Social Racing #7 15/8/20 – Full Report

An interesting 7-10mph wind blowing down Gautby Road greeted the 8 skippers on this sunny Saturday afternoon.

It was John Brierley that started well with 4 second places and a win in the first 5 races, but unfortunately he then had to retire from the day with radio problems. Bill then showed some great pace and finally started to react to the wind shifts to take wins in races 4 and 7. Lawrence also showing some great form with a brace of seconds in races 6 and 8. Charles after a difficult start and some repairs at the start of the afternoon improved greatly in the final 5 races even if the results do not show this improvement, it was there.
It was Martin that took top honours with a strong finish winning 3 of the final 4 races finally showing his skills within this class under these conditions.
5 different race winners from the 11 races sailed with some extremely close 3 boat finishes to keep Jack on his toes all afternoon.
Many thanks to Peter for setting the buoys and Martin for trimming them after race 3 when the wind swung round a few degrees also thanks to Jack and Bernie for starting and finishing.
  1. Martin Roberts              55     Widget                18pts     4 wins
  2. Graham Elliott               65     Italico                 23pts      3 wins
  3. Bill Culshaw                    21      BritPOP!            27pts      2 wins
  4. Peter Baldwin                63      Lintel MMX     28pts       1 win
  5. Lawrence Drennan      57      BritPOP!            39pts
  6. John Brierley                 84      BritPOP!             43pts        1 win
  7. Neil Westbrook             03      Widget                45pts
  8. Charles Legg                  25      Rubix                   64pts

After 11 races

The next two weeks are joint RG65 and DF65 with an 11am start time. If you are planning on sailing please pre-register for all races with Graham Elliott to avoid disappointment on the day.

IOM Social Racing #6 8/8/20

After a week with winds from most points of the compass, it was good to see a return to a decent 5 to 8 knot WNW breeze down the lake again and sunshine for the first couple of hours to give some “champagne sailing”.

Racing got underway soon after 1:30, catching out some sailors who hadn’t spotted the change of start time.  John Brierley started well to pick up the first race win, with Bill Culshaw taking the win in Race 2.  John then took three of the next four races, with only Martin Roberts spoiling his run in Race 4, before he had to retire in Race 6 with gear failure when his winch support bracket failed, ending his day.

After a short break, Bill picked up another couple of wins and was more consistent than John, who had two further wins, but got on the wrong side of some Birkenhead shifts and had to use a couple of his results as discards.  Graham Birkett and Peter Baldwin also had a win each in the second session, with some very close finishes for the top three boats in many races.

In the end, the final result after 12 races may have come down to some bad luck for Bill as he picked up a carrier bag in Race 10 and had to retire whilst vying for the lead in that race, which John went on to win.  A great afternoons racing thanks to Bernie and Jack for running things for us again.

  1. John Brierley               84      22pts    6wins
  2. Bill Culshaw                 21       26pts   3wins
  3. Graham Birkett         133      34pts   1 win
  4. Peter Baldwin              63      36pts    1win
  5. Alan Watkinson          23      40pts
  6. Lawrence Drennan    57      50pts
  7. Neil Westbrook           03      51pts
  8. Martin Roberts            22     68pts     1 win

Next week (15/8/20) will be another IOM afternoon starting at 1:30. Please let Graham Elliott know if you would like to join in the fun.