IOM Winter Series 3, 5/1/13

Round 3 of the Birkenhead IOM Winter Series was a total of 22 skippers arrive for what can only be described as light to drifting conditions. Due to such light conditions it was decided to run with one fleet where only 5 races in total were completed, with race 6 abandoned. After 5 scoring raced and one drop, consistent good sailing from Dave Burke saw him take out the day with a total of 8 points. We had skippers travel from as far as Guildford and Oxford for the day which continues to show the attraction of top level racing at Birkenhead each week.

1. Dave Burke,   8 pts
2. Josh King,   13
3. Graham Elliott,   19
4. Greg King,   20
5. Darin Ballington,   22
6. Victoria McNulty,   23
7. Neil Westbrook,   29
8. Terry Rensch,  32
9. Nigel Biggs,   33
10. Martin Roberts,   33
11. Colin Smith,   40
12. Vernon Gee,   41
13. Rob Walsh,  42
14. Graham Birkett,   42
15. Lisa Reeves,   42
16. Jim Findlay,   43
17. Simon Pritchard Jones,   57
18. Dave Williams,   65
19. Albert Stanley,   67
20. Ernie Rice,   69
21. Dave Pickup,   69
22. Les Kewn,   86

5 races


A reminder to all members that this coming Saturday, 22nd December, is the Boxing Day Bell Trophy for IOMs.
Start time 1pm sharp. Bring along your festive cheer.


Saturday 15th December RM Winter Series 2
Please check this website for information on whether this race will proceed as currently our lake is iced over. An announcement will be made by 7pm Friday to assist those who may be travelling distance to race.


Calendar Update
We have added the Boxing Day Bell IOM Race to our Winter Series Calendar. Start time is 1pm sharp. Feel free to bring along Christmas snacks for our tea break.

All members are reminded that any days not listed originally in the Winter Series Calendar are set aside for open sailing. It is suggested that any skippers wanting to get together for some informal racing on these days to share their intentions through the website Message Board.


Birkenhead MYA League Winners 2012!
We are proud to announce that over the 2012 MYA Season, Birkenhead MY&PC skippers collectively have won the MYA Radio League. This win is a reflection of the growing number of travelling Birkenhead skippers representing our club in MYA events. Well done everyone!
Congratulations to club member Darin Ballington for taking out the Individual League from Brad Gibson.

IOM Winter Series 2, 8/12/12

1. Darin Ballington,   8 pts
2. John Tushingham,   15
3. Graham Birkett,   20
4. Dave Burke,   26
5. Colin Smith,   27
6. Bill Culshaw,   28
7. Victoria McNulty,   29
8. Paul Stubbs,   35
9. Liz Tushingham,   48
10. Ernie Rice,   50
11. Neil Westbrook,   51
12. Dave Williams,   52
13. Greg Burke,   77
14. David Catherall,   80
15. Vernon Gee,   82
16. Albert Stanley,   89
17. Jim Findlay,   93
18. Ian Potter,   100

8 races