DragonForce Winter Series #8 26/2/20

This week there was a good 10 to 15 knots with estimated 20 knot gusts passing through occasionally and 13 boats taking to the water.  The rig of choice was “B” this week which proved to be the best for the conditions, coping well for the average wind and on the point of being overpowered in the gusts both upwind and down.  Unfortunately one newcomer to the fleet didn’t have a  rig smaller than A and so had to sit out the morning vowing to get some additional rigs for the future.

John showed his capability in coping with the conditions rarely succumbing to the gusts downwind and having a boat setup that also made good speed upwind.  He took the lions share of 7 wins today, with only Peter (two) and Dave Williams (one) stopping him making a clean sweep.  John ended up a clear winner overall, with Peter in second.  They were both well ahead on points of Alan (third), Neil (fourth) and Richard Robinson (fifth) in a tight bunch with only five points separating them.  Once again we have to thank Ernie for running the racing in what was a cool westerly breeze.

  1. John Brierley             84     9pts
  2. Peter Baldwin            63    15pts
  3. Alan Watkinson      373    34pts
  4. Neil Westbrook          03   35pts
  5. Richard Robinson     01    39pts
  6. Richard Walker          39    51pts
  7. Dave Williams          233    52pts
  8. Andrew Peter               19    56pts
  9. Sally Collings            129    60pts
  10. John Carlin                   11     63pts
  11. Mike St Paer                35     65pts
  12. Chris Weston             194    85pts
  13. Don MacKinnon         33    86pts

10 races sailed