DragonForce Winter Series #9 4/3/20

With a gentle breeze from the ESE/SE Neil opted to set a long course on the Northern side of the lake where there was a better breeze. With Ernie in charge as RO again, racing got underway promptly at 11:00 with 12 skippers all in A+ rigs.  Three different skippers took the first three races, with John B, followed by Peter and then Alan.  New to the DF65 David P joined us in Race 4 and promptly won four of the next six races, with only Peter and Alan managing to take the other two wins from him.  He then had to leave  before the last race and this left the way clear for Alan to take the last win in the 2 lap final race.  We also saw another new skipper (Tony Marsden from West Kirby) join us for a few races today.

After ten races, first place came down to breaking a tie based upon first places which Alan took with 3 wins to Peters 2, with John B in third.  Thanks to Ernie for acting as RO and scoring every race.

  1. Alan Watkinson           373         18pts  3 wins
  2. Peter Baldwin                  63        18pts  2 wins
  3. John Brierley                    84       24pts
  4. Richard Robinson          01        36pts
  5. Neil Westbrook               03        38pts
  6. David Potter                  946        46pts
  7. Mike St Paer                     35        48pts
  8. Sally Collings                 829       56pts  1x2nd
  9. Andrew Peter                 919        56pts  0x2nd
  10. John Carlin                        11         60pts
  11. Dave Williams                233       67pts
  12. Charles Legg                      21       86pts
  13. Don MacKinnon              933     89pts
  14. Tony Marsden                  947    103pts