DragonForce Winter Series #10 11/3/20

With the breeze coming from the SW or WSW, the course was once again setup to sail from the North bank.  All 13 sailors opted to use the A rig as the breeze varied anywhere between 2 and 15 knots, together with big shifts as it came over the houses.

There was a fair bit of equipment failure today, both electronic and boat rigging causing races to be missed.  Alan never got started unfortunately and John B only managed two races before his transmitter stopped working.

Wins were shared around again with Peter and David Potter taking four each, Andrew two (one a tie with Peter) and Mike one.  As is usually the case, consistency in each race was the key to overall success and so Peter took the day, with David second and Andrew third.  Thanks once again to Ernie for running the racing and keeping everyone in order.

  1. Peter Baldwin                    63     13 pts
  2. David Potter                      946   19pts
  3. Andrew Peter                    919    21pts
  4. Richard Robinson             01    30pts
  5. Neil Westbrook                  03    31pts
  6. Mike St Paer                        35     43pts
  7. Dave Williams                  233    60pts
  8. John Carlin                           11     62pts
  9. Richard Walker                  39    65pts
  10. Tony Marsden                 947    69pts
  11. Charles Legg                       21     70pts
  12. Chris Weston                    194    73pts
  13. John Brierley                       84    91pts

10 races sailed