DF/RG65 Summer Series 2024 #3 – 1/6/24

A sunny afternoon but a cold wind greeted the four Club sailors sailing RG’s and John our visitor from Gresford sailing his DF65. Top suit swing rigs for the RG’s and A+ for the DF65. The wind was more or less straight down the lake with the start line set at the Clubhouse end. A shorter handicap course was set for the DF.

Bill sailing his Ivy took an early lead in the first race with Dave Charles and Alan in close contention for the lesser places. This was the pattern for all the races.

Bill was in a class of his own today clearly winning all nine races, the race for second place was extremely close with the other boats producing very very close finish positions. The handicap course for John was lengthened after the first two races and then for the final race he sailed the full course and still finished in front of the RG’s.

After the nine races it was decided to call a halt due to a weed problem slowing the boats.


  1. Bill Culshaw          Ivy       7pts 9wins
  2. Dave Williams      Uno   16pts
  3. Alan Watkinson  Uno   20pts
  4. Charles Legg        Uno   22pts


  1. John Pritchard   7pts 9wins

DF65 Social Racing 2024 – 29/5/24

As this was a Wednesday in Bank Holiday and half-term week, entries were limited to only 7 sailors who enjoyed a good A suit breeze straight down the lake with occasional gusts later that were overpowering everyone both upwind and down. Early in the session though, we were wondering if A+ would have been a better choice as the breeze was a little light at times for a couple of races, with boats struggling to power through the chop that was being setup.

Racing got underway after Peter had moved a few marks around to give a decent windward/leeward course, although the start line was mostly port biased as the wind swung more to W after being WNW during setup.

Peter took today seemingly easily with eight wins from the ten races sailed, although that doesn’t really tell the whole tale as is often the case at Gautby Road.  Windward mark roundings were often very tight with four boats in close contention going down onto the run.  If you managed to get in a gust which others missed out on, then you could easily lose several places.  For example Andrew led race one only to miss out on the downwind breeze and nearly ended up third.  Paul was leading race 2, but then didn’t cover Peter on the way into the finish and got on the wrong side of a shift which dropped him into second place.  Paul was however nearly always up there in the lead group and his persistence finally paid off in Race 6 when he achieved a race win.  It was close between him and John C, who was  consistent but never managed that elusive win.  Charles had a storming first beat in race 9 to lead around the top mark and held onto this to the finish for the win, although he was chased hard by Richard all the way.

A great mornings racing which we self policed and recorded finishes apart from the final two races when Neil steps in to watch the line and record the finish – thanks Neil.

  1. Peter Baldwin             63  8pts  8 wins
  2. Paul Plested                 54 21pts  1 win
  3. John Carlin                   11  24pts
  4. Andrew Potter         194  25pts
  5. Charles Legg               21  34pts  1 win
  6. Sally Collings          829  40pts
  7. Richard Walker         39  44pts

DF65 Social Racing 2024 – 22/5/24

A very, very soggy Gautby Road for the four sailors today with lots of puddles but, on the upside, a chunky N.West breeze blowing straight down the lake from the far end which was just about right for A rig..

There were enough marks in the right places, so sailing was able to get started without any wading. There was no bottom gate, but with so few boats it was agreed to use one mark as a leeward mark.

Despite the rather dismal conditions a very entertaining set of races ensued with some very close racing, and crowded mark roundings despite the small fleet. All the skippers did some rig tuning during the morning with slightly mixed results. Richard’s boat ended up looking much better balanced after some input, while Paul had a more frustrating day with a boat which didn’t quite look happy with the conditions.

It seemed at some points that it might be better to change to A+, but in the end A was probably the best compromise, but the forecast increased wind didn’t materialise.

The small fleet made it interesting to compare upwind v.m.g. with pointing fractionally higher vs. footing quicker.

It was agreed that eight races were enough as we were all soaking wet by then. Starting and scoring was a team effort, with thanks for Paul for bringing the keys so we could get into the clubhouse.

  1. Mike de St Paer        8 pts  4 wins
  2. John Carlin               10 pts  3 wins
  3. Paul Plested             17 pts  1 win
  4. Richard Walker       18 pts

Potential change of event in the Calendar

I am looking at changing the sailing for next Saturday 25th May to be DF/RG65 Summer #3 and swapping the VMYG & Social sailing day to the 1st June.  Please do not book the VMYG/Social Sailing event at this stage.  The swap of event will take place by Tuesday 21st.  The change is being considered as there is an RG65 TT at Keighley on the 1st June which will reduce the turnout for club racing.

Peter Baldwin – Sailing Sec

IOM Summer 2024 #2 – 18/5/24

If you were unable to sail this week, then you missed out on a great sail with a good top suit breeze straight down the lake along with some sun to warm things up as the breeze was a bit cool.

Dave Williams got things started soon after 13:00 after giving Peter some time to get his boat on the water after the obligatory mark moving before we started.  The line had been shortened for the small turnout of only 5 boats this week and proved to have a fair amount of port bias as the line set for the expected NW wind was more WNW or even W at times.  At least we could get across the line on Starboard and there were a few occasions when it was nearly a Starboard end start.

Sailing his Post PUNK design Brad tended to dominate the results with a string of firsts in the first session of 5 races, before we had a slightly early break to allow Peter time to fix a minor electrical problem.  Peter and Bill were usually fighting for second spot, although Alan was often in the mix as well, leading to some very close finishes.  It was good to see Stan out for his first Saturday outing in the Widget and with some helpful setup tips from Brad getting the best from the boat and keeping him in contention.

In the second session, Brad continued to dominate proceedings with faster boat speed on most legs with the only chance of passing him by catching a good shift or a decent gust.  Peter did take one win after a close port/starboard call left Brad feeling that he needed to do a turn allowing Peter enough distance to keep ahead to the finish.

Peter and Bill continued their battle for who took second place, although Alan was always in contention with one second secured in the afternoon session.  Dave kept things moving well all afternoon and with the small fleet and only a few longer breaks for boat tweaking, we finished slightly early  with 12 races completed.  Many thanks to Dave once again for being the RO and keeping the scores plus taking a few photographs, so that you can see what you missed!

  1. Brad Gibson          Post Punk  10pts
  2. Peter Baldwin       Britpop!     21pts
  3. Bill Culshaw          Britpop!     27pts
  4. Alan Watkinson   Britpop!     35pts
  5. Stan Metcalfe       Widget        48pts