Covid-19 Update 1 June 2020

Birkenhead BRS&PC will still unfortunately remain closed for the purpose of  organised radio sailing and power activities in accordance with the latest government advice.

However, up to six members of the public including club members are allowed to use the lake facilities as long as current social distancing rules are followed. The club house will remain closed.

We will change the club position as and when the government advice is updated.

Stay alert

RYA Webinar’s on Racing Rules

The RYA are running a series of Racing Rules Webinar’s on a Wednesday evening for approximately 1 hour at 20:00.  The webinar’s are aimed at club dinghy sailors and so do not cover the minor variations for Radio Sailing but are still useful as a guide.  This week will be number 4 of 6 covering the following topics:

1IntroductionFinding your way around the rulebook. How do we decide which boat has the right of way?
2The startDoes anything limit the right-of-way boat?
3The windward legRevision of the right-of-way rules. Obstructions and hailing for room to tack
4Marks Part 1Marks, and who is entitled to room?
5The runWhen do I have to sail my proper course?
6Marks Part 2Marks masterclass

The webinar’s may be viewed on the RYA Racing Rules Youtube channel


Covid-19 Update

Birkenhead RS&PC remains closed for the purpose of Radio Sailing and Power activities in accordance with the Government advice.

However the lake itself is open for use by members of the public, including club members, for their daily exercise, remembering the rules of social distancing and not to congregate as a group.  The clubhouse remains closed.

The MYA reminds us the following regarding insurance:
“If a claim is made and club/members involved is in contravention of the current legal or government regulations then the indemnity provided by the insurance is invalid”

Stay alert.

The MYA page on Covid-19 News and Guidance is located here

Best Sailing Day of the Year?

Of only we weren’t in Lockdown, then Wednesday 6th May 2020 could have been one of the better mornings this year for DF65 racing and more.  Our roving reporter made a short visit to see the geese and have a short sail just to show us all what we were missing.  The wind was straight down the lake from the clubhouse with a good A rig breeze.

Having apparently swum across the dock (the tip queue management blocked the road) with camera and transmitter above his head, he risked all to take some nice pictures with sun and very blue water.

Hopefully it will not be too long before we can start sailing again in some (limited) form.

Your committee will update members when government guidance is changed to allow some form of sailing with groups other than family members and travel from outside the area.

Radio Sailing Pop Quiz – Round 4

The Final Round of the POP Quiz goes at 19:00 and more than the previous weeks we anticipate a bit of head scratching over the weekend.
Martin Roberts heads up the leader board but nothing is a certainty with a few below him keen to knock him off.
There has not been a question that hasn’t had a correct answer to date, with a keenness to reading the questions carefully and doing your research thoroughly getting the best scores.
All kicks off from Friday 24th @ 19:00 BST until Sunday 26th at 19:00 BST