DF95 Social Racing 2024 – 24/1/24

With people having various commitments there were only 6 x DF95 helms which was a shame as unlike the morning racing, the wind had increased in the afternoon and was a good A Rig, increasing to B rig leading to some nose diving on the run. As is normal for Gautby Rd the wind was coming through, over and round the houses leading to sufficient holes and shifts to keep all the helms on their toes.
The same course as the morning was used, and as there were only 6 boats the first across the line recorded the finishing positions.
As mentioned the wind picked up over the lunch break, but looked a safe A rig, but after 2 races and further increases it was decided to call for a rig change to B rig. There was generally close racing throughout the afternoon with all helms recording a 3rd place or better. John C, Alan and Clive were in the main the front runners with close, and in some cases too close combat taking place, especially between John and Clive both doing penalty turns at some stage. Unfortunately Alan had to leave after 6 races which skewed his results. Further down the fleet John B, Frans and Dave (first day out and about after illness) were having their own battle but also sailing well enough  give the front runners something to think about.
Results after 8 races with 2 discards
John Carlin                9  pts         (3 x 1st, 3 x 2nd)
Clive Warren          11 pts            (2 x 1st, 3 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd)
Alan Watkinson   19pts             (2 x 1st, 2nd x 3rd)
John Beech             20pts             (1 x 1st, 1 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd)
Frans King             22pts             (1 x 2nd, 2 x 3rd)
Dave Howard        25pts              (1 x 3)

DF65 Social Racing 2024 – 24/1/24

After waiting for a couple of weeks while the lake has been frozen, an excellent turnout of twelve DF65 skippers arrived to a chilly and quite strong and gusty Westerly blowing more or less straight down the lake.

An initial whizz on a choppy lake confirmed that it would be a C rig day, and Peter Baldwin very nobly went for a prolonged paddle to restore the course marks to the right position after going walkabout in the recent ice.

Frans volunteered as RO as he didn’t have a C rig, and got the racing started with just 12 boats. Almost immediately the wind started to ease, and after two races it was agreed to go to A rig. Frans very kindly said he would continue as RO, and John Brierley had to call it a day due to a winch problem after two seconds in the first two races.

The wind then backed around 25deg, making the line very one sided, and although in theory this made it a port tack biased beat, the wind was so erratic and full of holes that it remained a really tricky day. Charles also had to retire after his boat went awol during race three.

Peter aced the day, with five wins out of six races, with everyone else having a very frustrating day where positions could and did change significantly at any stage of a race.

After six races everyone agreed that enough was enough with the fickle wind and the final race results as below:

  1. Peter Baldwin                5 pts             5 wins
  2. Mike de St Paer           16 pts           1 win
  3. Alan Watkinson          17 pts
  4. John Carlin                   20 pts
  5. Clive Warren                21 pts
  6. Dave Williams             28 pts           (2 x 4ths)
  7. Sally Collings               28 pts           (1 x 4th)
  8. John Brierley                40 pts
  9. Paul Little                      41 pts
  10. John Beech                    44 pts
  11. Charles Legg                 51 pts

There is another opportunity for DF65 racing this Saturday (27th) with our combined RG65/DF65 racing, but with results separated out for each class.  First start is at 12:00

IOM Winter Series 2023 #3 – 13/1/24

Round 3 of the Birkenhead Radio Sailing and Power Club IOM Winter Series got underway at 12pm sharp with PRO Dave Williams setting an excellent course for the lighter than expected WNW wind.

While numbers may have been lower than normally expected, the quality was high with a number of World, European and National Champions and podium finishers being tested as always by skippers lining up to take a scalp.

Graham Elliott started the day in impressive form with a string of wins through consistent sailing and calculated shift slection. Alan Bennett, John Brierley and Bill Culshaw were keeping Graham honest in the shifting light wind conditions.

Local legend Martin Roberts was warming into the day and enjoying crossing swords with a returning 42 of Brad Gibson, both steadying as the day went on, improving with each race as the wind strengthened a little.

Both Alan Watkinson and John Berry had glimpses of form but as the light faded after 12 quick fire races, it was Graham that took a convincing win with 8 wins out of 12 races from Brad, with John finishing strongly for his third place.

A big thank you to our PRO Dave who kept the pace going and to our visitors that made the treck to join us once again.

With a number of new boats, builds in progress and returning skippers, the season ahead at Birkenhead looks promising for the IOM class where some of the toughest close quarter racing in the UK can be had. Those that know, know that if you can win at Birkenhead, you can win anywhere in the World.

The next round is Saturday the 10th of February so why not come and join us with all visitors welcome.

You can enter here https://birkenheadrspc.co.uk/iom-winter-2023-4/

12 races with 2 discards

  1. Graham Eliiott   Britpop    13 pts
  2. Brad Gibson        BG              17 pts
  3. John Bryerley      Venti        31 pts
  4. Martin Roberts   Chimera 39 pts(Countback)
  5. Alan Bennett        Britpop   39 pts
  6. Bill Culshaw         Britpop   51 pts
  7. Alan Watkinson  Britpop   67 pts
  8. John Berry             Viper        72 pts