DF65 Social Racing 2024 – 7/2/24

Another great DF65 turnout today with 14 skippers ready to sail, including new member Paul Plested who has acquired Martin Whittingham-Jones boat. Welcome Paul!

Conditions were, as usual, very shifty with wind blowing from the houses and not much breeze near the clubhouse top corner – and not really much anywhere else either for that matter. It did look as if it might fill in from time to time but this never really happened.

Racing was very keen right from the start on the usual course format, with Paul Little dong an immediate horizon job.

The next three races had three more different winners, until in race five Neil won his second race on the way to winning the day with three wins and nine points winning on countback from Mike dsp with only two wins. Close racing.

Elsewhere on the results sheet the points didn’t tell the whole story, with much very close racing, and many skippers going from  being completely down the pan to good results and vice-versa.

Thanks again to Dave Williams for sorting out the average points and doing the results which finished as below;

  1. Neil Westbrook           9 pts            3 wins
  2. Mike de St Paer           9 pts            2 wins
  3. Clive Warren              19 pts             1 win
  4. Andrew Potter           21 pts
  5. Alan Watkinson        22 pts              1 win
  6. Dave Williams           28 pts
  7. Paul Plested               34 pts
  8. Paul LIttle                   35 pts              1 win
  9. Frans King                  44 pts              1 3rd
  10. Malcolm Harvey       44pts
  11. Simon Bates                45 pts              1 x 4th
  12. Charles Legg               45 pts
  13. John Beech                   56 pts
  14. Dave Howard              65 pts