DF65 & DF95 Social Racing 2023 – 15/11/23

DF65 Racing

A blustery day, with a strong breeze blowing along the lake from the North West, greeted the 16 sailors who started racing with B-rigs all round. Charles Legg opted to act as Race Officer, ably assisted by Malcolm Harvey who elected not to sail and our thanks go to them for running the days racing. The course was set with a wide start line at the clubhouse end, a port-hand mark with a spreader at the far end of the lake and a gate just beyond the start line. The finish was halfway up the lake between two buoys. Even with B-rigs, racing proved challenging, with positions changing place on the downwind legs as even the best sailors experienced spectacular nose dives. In the face of these conditions two sailors, Alan Watkinson and Peter Baldwin, later opted for C-rigs (with Peters an enforced one due to gear failure), each with mixed fortunes. The final results were:

  1. Peter Baldwin                 63    16pts  1 win
  2. James Douglas                73   19pts  1 win
  3. Mike de St. Paer              35    21pts  1 win
  4. John Carlin                        11    22pts  1 win
  5. Neil Westbrook               03    26pts
  6. Andrew Potter               174   38pts  2 wins
  7. Dave Williams                233   38pts  1 win
  8. Alan Watkinson            373   39pts   1 win
  9. Richard Walker              39    41pts
  10. Clive Warren                   53   46pts
  11. Don MacKinnon           933  52pts
  12. Franz King                       93   52pts
  13. John Beech                       80   55pts
  14. Sally Collings                  29   62pts
  15. Paul Little                         45   68pts
  16. Dave Howard                  00   81pts

DF95 Racing

With people having various commitments there were only 4 x 95 helms which was a shame as the wind was a good B Rig and touching C rig leading to some nose diving on the run, unusual for Gautby Rd and not to far off straight down the lake from the far end of the lake. The same course as the morning was used

With only 4 boats it was more about social racing and enjoying the good conditions with a couple of 1 lap, sighting races before half a dozen 2 lappers. No official results were recorded, but great fun was had with each of the helms recording at least 1 win each the racing was also very closely contested.

Thanks to John Beech, Dave Howard, John Carlin and Clive Warren for participating