DF65 & DF95 Social Racing 2023 – 9/8/23

There was a reduced number of sailors today for racing, starting with 9, one had to drop out as he was not feeling well and that left a select group of 8, who sailed a single lap windward leeward for 6 races and then two final races with two laps.

It was an A+ day of 2 to 5 or 6 knots from the West and generally better than the forecast looked.  Racing was in many cases close throughout the fleet with a missed shift or lack of pressure in your area of the lake leading to a few places quickly lost.

Clive started well, winning the first two races, before managed a win in race 3.  Peter then took wins in the next four, before Clive rounded off with a win in Race 8.  There were some good performances elsewhere in the fleet with seconds for John and Richard, leading to only 1 point between 4th and 6th.  Overall, Peter had the edge with Clive coming in second and Neil in third.

  1. Peter Baldwin           63  6pts
  2. Clive Warren             53  8pts
  3. Neil Westbrook        03  9pts
  4. Richard Walker        39 21pts  (1x2nd)
  5. Dave Williams          33  21pts
  6. John Beech                80  22pts
  7. Sally Colling           829  24pts
  8. Frans King                 85  27pts

Five Sailors stayed on for an afternoon of DF95 social sailing, slightly down on our normal numbers due mainly to holidays. The sailors continued to enjoy the bright sunshine and were ready to do battle with the light and shifty wind which continued from the morning racing. A rigs were the order of the day. The same course as the morning was used with a windward buoy taken to port, spreader buoy to port then downwind (most of the time) to the leeward gate. 2 laps per race.

6 Races were completed and generally were closely fought contests with the sailor picking the right wind shift to tack on or being in the right place at the right time benefitting most. Three different race winners indicates just how close the racing was. Neil mastered the conditions best of all and ended up with 3 wins, Clive with 2 and John C with 1 (despite main sheet trouble). Frans and John B enjoyed some good racing but despite showing glimpses of good boat speed didn’t quite have the consistency to trouble the front runners.

  1.   03  Neil Westbrook     7
  2.   93  Clive Warren        10
  3.   50  John Carlin            11
  4.   59  Frans King             20
  5. 288  John Beech           25