DF65 Social Racing 2023 – 26/7/23

16 sailors turned out to sail on this warm Wednesday, but as there was little evidence of much wind we were down to 15 when Dave Williams opted to be RO for the morning.  One comment heard was that conditions were bad even for a Gautby road day with the wind over the houses.  Most wind directions were seen from NE through to NW, although most of them were present for only a short period before it all changed again.

Dave set a course using the start line at the Clubhouse end as it looked as if we were going to get a sea breeze forming, but that never really happened and we ended up reaching or running off the line.  In total eight races were sailed by 12:45 and everyone was happy to finish for the day. Only 8 boats were still sailing, mostly due to frustration with the conditions and one rudder servo that had failed early on.

Peter had a good start winning the first four races, before Mike took two wins and Andrew one, but Peter was fortunate enough to take second in all of those races other three.  Alan and Jon also had some time at the front of the fleet, but in the end not enough time to make it onto the podium.  Peter took the day with Mike second and Andrew third.  Many thanks to Dave for being RO – his eagle eye caught several boats out who had to return and re-start with at least one general recall as well!

  1. Peter Baldwin                           63   7pts
  2. Mike De St Paer                       35  16pts
  3. Andrew Peter                          919  19pts
  4. Alan Watkinson                     373  24pts
  5. Jon Whitehead                       707  25pts
  6. Neil Westbrook                         03  28pts
  7. Clive Warren                              53  32pts
  8. Frans King                                  95  49pts
  9. Don McKinnon                          33  50pts
  10. Richard Walker                         39  55pts
  11. John Carlin                                  11   73pts
  12. Martin Whitingham-Jones  54 76pts
  13. James Douglas                           73  77pts (1x3rd)
  14. Paul Little                                    45  77pts
  15. Charles                                          28  94pts