DF95 Summer 2023 – #2 (8/7/23)

Eight DF95 Sailors arrived for an afternoon’s racing, but the Weather God’s had other ideas.  We got started on time in a light SE breeze, although lighter in strength than the forecast.  However, during the second race, a complete 180 degree wind-shift occurred accompanied by a drop in temperature, causing confusion to those in the lead thing they had finished before rounding the leeward gate (which was now a windward gate!).  Unfortunately it also created lots of wind-blown lake debris moving down the lake, causing trouble for many over the  next three races, in addition to fins and rudders being coated by the ever increasing algae bloom after a lack of rain.

We did manage to complete 5 races before a break and then the anticipated rain storm arrived and a deluge commenced accompanied by thunder and lightning.  After sheltering in the clubhouse for an hour watching the rain continue to pound the ground (and start to top up the lake!), everyone agreed to pack up and got extremely wet just packing their cars.  Hopefully everyone got home safely as there were widespread large puddles and flooding on some roads, which didn’t help.

John Brierley took the afternoon with 3 race wins to one apiece for Neil and Peter.  The next afternoon of racing for the DF95’s takes place on the 12th August.

  1. John Brierley                84   7pts
  2. Neil Westbrook           03   9pts
  3. Peter Baldwin             172  11pts
  4. Andrew Peter              179  14pts
  5. Alan Watkinson           23  15pts
  6. John Beech                   288  22pts 1x2nd
  7. Clive Warren                 93   22pts
  8. Frans King                     59  24pts