DF95 Summer 2023 #1 (29/4/23)

The forecast for today was not very encouraging, but 9 home DF95’s turned out along with one visitor sailing with us after picking up a boat kindly brought back from Eastbourne by John Brierley.  Martin setup the course for a light Easterly, but by the time the start gun went we were running down to the first mark.  Confusion rained as some boats forgot that this was a mark to be rounded to port and proceeded to start taking it as a gate, stopping themselves just in time, but taking another boat the wrong side of the mark.  After only a single lap, John Brierley took the win, with Alan Watkinson second.  We then sailed race 2 from the original windward marks as the start line, before Martin then donned the waders again and moved the Start marks for Race 3. John B took the win in Race 2 with John Carlin in second.  Race 3 went to Clive Warren, with visitor Jon Whitehead (first time out in a 95) in second.

The light sea breeze that had now formed brought plenty of floating debris down the lake for boats to catch on and some boats were more unlucky than others.  John B again took race 4 from Peter Baldwin, before Peter got the measure of the breeze and had wins in Races 5 and 6 with John B second.  John B had his revenge and took races 7 and 8 with Peter in second and Clive and Jon picking up thirds.  Peter and John B shared the final two wins and second places, with the consistent Clive finishing third in each.

John Brierley took the day from Peter Baldwin, with Clive Warren in third, although it could have been a different result if John Carlin hadn’t suffered from gear failure and missed the last 5 races.

A great turnout for the first of 4 in a series over the summer for the DF95, the next one being on the 8th July.

  1. John Brierley        84  10pts
  2. Peter Baldwin     172  14pts
  3. Clive Warren         93  28pts
  4. Alan Watkinson   23  34pts
  5. Andrew Peter      179  42pts
  6. Jon Whitehead      49  47pts
  7. John Beech           288  48pts
  8. Dave Williams      33  50pts
  9. John Carlin             50  53pts
  10. Malcolm Harvey  19   73pts

Photo courtesy of Gill Warren.