DF65 Social Racing 2023 – 26/4/23

A bright sunny day but with a cold light wind from the Clubhouse end. Ten sailors using A+ rigs started sailing to suddenly realise although the wind looked steady it was far from it, with various holes strategically placed around the lake causing many problems. So the next race you tried to sail a different course only to find the holes had moved.

Racing at the front was very close with three boats on equal points before discards. The master of the Day was Neil with his four wins. Mike getting off to a good start unfortunately had to leave early. Ten races were held with each skipper acting as RO.

  1. Neil Westbrook   10pts 4 wins
  2. John Carlin            15pts 2wins, 2x2nd, 3x3rd and 2x4th (better last race)
  3. Clive Warren        15pts 2wins, 2x2nd, 3x3rd and 2x4th
  4. Dave Williams     28pts
  5. Charles Legg        30pts 1 win
  6. Stan Metcalf         37pts
  7. Frans King             48 pts
  8. Malcolm Harvey  45pts
  9. John Beech             45pts
  10. Mike de St Paer     47pts 1 win

Don’t forget that next Saturday (29th April) is the inaugural race afternoon at Birkenhead for the DF95.