DF65 Social Racing 2023 – 22/3/23

A slightly depleted entry of 9 DF65 sailors arrived to what seemed like an A+ rig day, despite forecasts for some much heftier wind strengths. Shortly before the first race it became clear that A rig would be the order of the day so a quick change was required.

John Carlin then started Race 1 on a course which turned out to be pretty much of a Starboard tack close fetch and a reach / beat / fetch back to the leeward gate. Flat spots and some powerful gusts caught almost everyone out at some point, resulting in quite a bit of contact, both bumper to bumper and doorhandle to doorhandle.

During race 1 Dave Williams’ winch failed and he very kindly stayed to RO the rest of the racing which was comfortably won by Alan Watkinson who dealt with the tricky conditions much better than the rest of the fleet.
Mike St Paer and Clive Warren followed, separated by only two points, and then by Andrew Potter and John Carlin who finished only one point apart.
Paul Little and Don Mackinnon also finished only one point apart, and John Beech and Frans King also finished within three points so racing was tight right across the fleet on a typically shifty gusty Gautby road day.

Final Positions were:
1. Alan Watkinson      10 pts 4 wins
2. Mike de St Paer      15 pts 3 wins
3. Clive Warren           17 pts 2 wins
4. Andrew Potter        29 pts
5. John Carlin              30.3 pts
6. Paul Little                35 pts
7. Don Mackinnon     36 pts
8. John Beech               52 pts
9. Frans King                55 pts