RG65 Winter Series 2022/23 #7 (11/3/23)

Cold, Cold and Cold, all with a capital C, probably one of the coldest days racing we have ever had, and all in mid March, the good points were that we had 8 RG’s and a lovely East South East wind of around 10mph gusting to 15mph. It was great to see Vernon who had made the journey up North to try his new boat out before the TT series starts in April, still some work to do on her but I am sure he will get it there soon.
All 8 opted for their B rigs, full area but lower aspect, mostly conventional rigs but 2 with swing rig, after a few races the wind did die a little (with the arrival of the rain) so Martin changed up to his full height rig, the rest of the fleet were either too cold to change up or just lazy. It was Peter Baldwin sailing his newly wrapped Uno that led the fleet home in the first 2 races but the next 5 before tea all went to Graham Elliott sailing his Electronica.
After tea, the wind did pick up again and Peter and Graham shared the wins between them, 2-3. Unfortunately we lost John for the last 4 races as he had an appointment watching the Welsh beat Italy in the rugby.
Great days sailing and well done to all who braved the elements but most of all, Bernie, who started and finished us in all 12 races and coping well with a soggy results sheet.  Photos are courtesy of photographer Dave Williams.
  1. Graham Elliott        electronica         12pts     7 wins
  2. Peter Baldwin         uno                         17pts     4 wins
  3. Martin Roberts      pocket rocket     38pts
  4. John Brierley            uno                       46pts     2 x 2nd 
  5. Alan Watkinson     uno                        46pts
  6. Neil Westbrook      uno                        52pts
  7. Dave Williams         uno                        57pts
  8. Vernon Appleton   Shadow                62pts