IOM Winter 2022/3 #6 (25/2/23)

The wind for today’s race came from a very unusual direction for the lake, a Northerly that moved more towards the North East as the afternoon went on.
A decent fleet of 8 skippers that included , TS2, Fractel, Widget and BritPOP! designs, all skippers sailed in the A rig. The course was adjusted by Peter Baldwin, thanks Peter, and it proved to be a really decent course given the wind direction.
It was all about sniffing out the very few and very short Port shifts for the first 7 races before the break, after the break the wind swung around a touch more towards the East that gave more of reaching first leg and it was then about how you handled the gusts.
With 12 races completed, it was Brad Gibson sailing a Craig Smith designed TS2 with 3 wins that won the day, other race winners were, Martin Roberts (4), Graham Elliott (2), and Bill Culshaw, Peter Baldwin and Alan Watkinson all with one win each.
Many thanks to Bernie for running the show yet again.
1st      Brad Gibson                 TS2                 23pts      3 wins
2nd     Graham Elliott           Fractel          24pts     2wins
3rd      Martin Roberts          Widget          27pts     4wins
4th      Bill Culshaw                Britpop!       30pts      1win
5th     Peter Baldwin              Britpop!       40pts      1win
6th     Andrew Peter               V9                  48pts
7th     Alan Watkinson           Britpop!      64pts     1win
8th     Neil Westbrook            Widget         66pts
after 12 races