DF65 Social Racing 2023 (22/2/23)

A 15-20kt north-westerly breeze blowing straight down the lake encouraged a good turnout of 15 boats to put their A rigs to the test today. By Birkenhead standards the wind was reasonably stable in direction, but with enough bends and shifts to allow the lucky/clever to pick up places or the unlucky to lose them quickly. At the start, the A rig choice appeared a bit optimistic but once racing started the wind moderated slightly and there were only a couple of significant gusts that caused minor mayhem on the downwind legs

The standard course of beat followed by port rounding of the windward and spreader marks, downwind through the gate and back to the finishing line, was used for all races

John C got off to a flyer winning the first 3 races and then fatally fiddled with something for the next 2. He won 2 more races which gave him an overall win on countback despite a bit of inconsistency due to further fiddling

John B showed greater consistency never being out of the top 4 after discards but placed 2nd overall with 3 wins

Mike also showed great consistency to come 3rd with all top 4 finishes after discards, only a point behind the first 2 and with 1 race win

  1. John Carlin            19pts (5 wins)
  2. John Brierley        19pts (3 wins)
  3. Mike St Paer.        20pts ((1 win)
  4. Neil Westbrook   28pts (1 win)
  5. Andrew Peter       35pts
  6. Alan Watkinson   41pts
  7. James Douglas     51pts
  8. Paul Little              59pts
  9. Malcolm Harvey 61pts
  10. Richard Walker   62pts
  11. Dave Williams     75pts
  12. Charles Legg        80pts
  13. Stan Metcalf       101pts
  14. John Beech          111pts