DF65 Social Racing 2023 (15/2/23)

DF65 sailors were met with a very light south east(ish) breeze on arrival, which gradually picked up to make a pleasant A+ breeze.

Starting from the far end Mike De St Paer set the usual windward leeward course with top spreader and leeward gate. Three different winners in the first three races gave a taste of the conditions, but then a 180 deg windshift arrived as a front went over followed by a thin persistent drizzle, although the wind remained.

Now starting from the clubhouse end, Andrew Potter started to make the best of the conditions with some consistent sailing, chased hard by Clive Warren, Neil Westbrook and John Carlin.

Tricky conditions with gusts and flat patches resulted in close racing all through the fleet, but after eight races – the last one being a drifter – all agreed that enough was enough.

Andrew ran out a clear winner with three firsts followed closely by Clive, Neil and John with detail results as below:

  1. Andrew Potter      10 pts           3 wins
  2. Clive Warren          14 pts           2 wins
  3. Neil Westbrook    16 pts           2 wins
  4. John Carlin             17 pts
  5. Alan Watkinson   20 pts           1 win
  6. Don MacKinnon  32 pts
  7. Dave Williams      37 pts
  8. Charles Legg         46 pts
  9. Stan Metcalfe       47 pts
  10. Malcolm Harvey 52 pts
  11. John Beech            61 pts
  12. Frans King             64 pts