DF95 Social Racing 2023 #1

There was a healthy turnout of nine boats for this first Saturday Social Racing day for the DF95.  A light Westerly breeze blew down the lake and racing got underway shortly after 12:00 with the course marks tweaked slightly for the prevailing conditions.

There were four different winners from the eleven races, with a number of other helms also figuring at the front of the fleet.  Getting a decent result was all about finding the best pressure and staying in it, both upwind and down as the best lanes could quite narrow and never predictable or regular.

Peter Baldwin managed to win five of the races, with John Brierley taking three, John Carlin two and Andrew Peter one.  This left Peter on top with 14points and 3points ahead of John Brierley, with Andrew and John Carlin only 1 point apart in third and forth.  Clive Warren, Neil Westbrook and Alan Watkinson also had spells at the front, but were unfortunately unable to capitalise on their positions to take a win by the end of the race.

Thanks go to Bernie for running this afternoons racing and making a brew at “half -time”.

  1. Peter Baldwin             172  14pts  (5 wins)
  2. John Brierley                84  17pts  (3 wins)
  3. Andrew Peter             179  28pts (1 win)
  4. John Carlin                   50  29pts  (2 wins)
  5. Neil Westbrook          03  45pts  (1x3rd)
  6. Clive Warren               93  45pts
  7. Alan Watkinson         23  54pts
  8. Dave Williams            33  64pts
  9. John Beech                288  78pts