DF/RG65 Winter Series 2022/3 #4

We arrived to find a decent breeze from the West, but with a lake full to overflowing.  Neil and Alan set to and cleared the overflow, although even by the end of sailing at 15:30, the level had only decreased by an inch or so.

Peter moved a few marks around and replaced some that had floated to the leeward shore because of the lake level and racing got started soon after 12:00 with most boats sporting their C rigs (where available).  Although  8 sailors arrived, we only had a maximum of 5 boats on the water at any time and occasionally only 2!  The wind took its toll on most if not all boats with rig and servo failures and others having to bow out due to the lack of a C Rig or problems with the walkway being flooded.

Wins were shared out among the 4 RG’s with John taking four (and the win overall), Peter and Martin three each and Alan one.  Clive was the sole DF65 today as he was unable to get anyone else to join him for the afternoon. Racing was close at times, although equally someone could gain a good lead if they picked up a gust at the windward mark and leave everyone in their wake.

Thanks to Dave for running the most of the races having loaned his boat to Martin who gave it a good run later with a bigger rig especially when the wind abated slightly.

  1. John Brierley          Uno  84  14pts
  2. Peter Baldwin        Uno  63   17pts
  3. Martin Roberts     Uno  33   28pts
  4. Alan Watkinson    Uno  23   33pts


  1. Clive Warren          DF65  53  9pts