DF/RG65 Winter Series 2022/3 #3

Six RG65’s made it to the start line for the final club race of 2022.
The wind was quite unlike that was forecast with a steady light breeze from Gautby Road with a few dead patches and some nice shifts.
The race was sailed in a great atmosphere with 4 separate race winners on the day, Graham sailing his Argon and John sailing his Uno had a great battle in all 8 races but certainly not having it all there own way in races 5 and 8 that were won by Neil Westbrook sailing his Pocket Rocket and Alan Watkinson sailing his Uno. Five races sailed before break and then three after break with the wind and light fading fast it was decided to make the last 2 races just one lap races. Graham took the day by two points from John in second and Alan third.
  1. Graham Elliott         Argon             89   8pts  4 wins
  2. John Brierley             Uno                 84 10pts  2 wins
  3. Alan Watkinson        Uno                23  15pts   1 win
  4. Dave Williams           Uno                33  24 pts
  5. Neil Westbrook  Pocket Rocket  03  26pts
  6. Charles Legg              Uno                26  31 pts

During the break a local landed his plane on the lake: see here