IOM Winter series 2022/3 #2 (3/12/22)

Sailors arriving for the second IOM Winter Series were disappointed to find little breeze blowing and the only ripples were from the flock of Canadian Geese patrolling the lake.  However the first race started with a very light breeze generally from the NE (and so almost across the lake) but with some large shifts that could see it come from the East or North during any race.  Two boats missed the start and one pulled out early on leaving only seven to fight it out for line honours which went to Brad Gibson sailing a borrowed TS2. Race 2 again started with only 7 boats and this time it was John Brierley’s turn to take the win, which he then repeated in Race 3.  Brad then had another win in Race 4, with Martin Roberts finally getting into a groove, winning Races 5 and 6 before a break for a drink. 

After the break, Paul Allen took his first win in Race 7 and then Graham Elliott won the eighth and final race in very light winds.  As there was very little breeze, the fleet unanimously agreed to call it a day and have an early finish.  This left John  as a clear winner, with Brad in second and a consistent Alan Bennett in third.

Thanks must go to Dave Williams for running the racing today (plus taking a few photos of the “action”) and for Bernie who helped out Dave and made everyone warm drinks.

  1. John Brierley            84  Britpop!   10pts
  2. Brad Gibson              71   TS2             17pts
  3. Alan Bennett           130  Britpop!   20pts
  4. Graham Elliott         70   Fraktal    26pts  1xwin
  5. Peter Baldwin           63   Britpop!  26pts
  6. Alan Watkinson       23   Britpop!   28pts
  7. Paul Allen                   27   Britpop!   31pts
  8. Martin Roberts         22   Vanilla 2 35pts
  9. John Berry                   12   Viper        40pts
  10. Charles Legg              25   K2             48pts