DF65 Social Racing #34 24/8/22

A grey day, that constantly threatened to rain but hardly did, but blessed us with winds blowing along the lake from the Gautby Road end and giving us a beat from the Northeast corner of the pond to the opposite Western corner. Needless to say, while the broad wind direction was consistent, the detail varied from race to race and from point to point on the pond. What was a near port fetch to the first mark in one race turned into a starboard fetch in another This was a day on which the ability to read the shifts really paid off. Nine people sailed, giving us nine races with each of us acting as race officer in turn. The results were:

  1. Andrew Potter      8 pts
  2. Mike De St. Paer 11 pts
  3. Neil Westbrook  15 Pts
  4. John Carlin           19 pts
  5. Dave Williams    26 pts
  6. Simon Bates        27 pts
  7. Richard Walker  29 pts
  8. Charles Legg       30 pts
  9. John Beech           39 pts