DF/RG65 Summer 2022 #6 (6/8/22)

7 RG 65’s made it to the start line for todays race, 5 UNO’s, 1 ARGON and 1 ELECTRONICA. A lovely top suit wind from the top end with plenty of gusts and shifts, with all choosing there maximum sail area rigs, mostly swing rigs but 2 conventional rigs.
The wind did gradually build through the day and there was plenty of downwind diving on either side of tea break.
The day belonged to Bill Culshaw sailing a chartered Electronica, who achieved a very impressive set of scores, top 3 finishes in all but one race and this was with 3 recalls for him through the day. Peter Baldwin was not far behind on the overall scores in second place sailing his Uno followed by Graham Elliott sailing his Argon.
Race winners were. Bill Culshaw (6), Peter Baldwin (4), John Brierley (1), Graham Elliott (1)
Many thanks must go to Paul Hounslow for starting and finishing us and Jack for making the tea.
  1. Bill Culshaw            Electronica      14pts
  2. Peter Baldwin         Uno                     20pts
  3. Graham Elliott       Argon                 27pts
  4. John Brierley           Uno                     28pts
  5. Alan Watkinson     Uno                     45pts
  6. Charles Legg           Uno                     57pts
  7. Dave Williams        Uno                     64pts