DF65 Social Racing #31 (3/8/22)

Thirteen sailors turned out today, with a few that hadn’t made it down for a number of weeks.  Initially the view was that the breeze suited the A+, but when the start time came around, it was definitely A and verging on a B Rig due to the strength of the gusts, estimated at around 16 knots, mostly straight down the lake from the far end, but with some significant gusts catching the unwary out.Peter moved the marks around for a windward leeward single lap course and we got started around 11:10 having changed down.  Everyone took it in turns to run a race each, but that meant thirteen races had to be completed, leading to a slightly later finishing time of 13:10, stopping a few sailors from participating in every race.John Brierley and Peter Baldwin mostly had a good close tussle for race wins John with 6 and Peter with 3, although there were also  wins for Derek Matthews (2), Alan Watkinson (1), and Dave Williams (1). Racing was mostly very close throughout the fleet, with rarely anyone getting well in the lead, never to be challenged. John won the day, with Peter close behind and then 3rd place had to go to countback to split Dave from Neil.  A great mornings racing, with thanks going to Dave for working out the final scores.

  1. John Brierley              84  15pts
  2. Peter Baldwin            63   17pts
  3. Dave Williams         233   39pts (1 win)
  4. Neil Westbrook         03  39pts (0 win)
  5. Alan Watkinson      373  46pts
  6. Mike De St Paer         35  47pts
  7. Derek Matthews        57  64pts
  8. John Carlin                   11  65pts
  9. Richard Walker          39  69pts
  10. Paul Hounslow           82  90pts
  11. Malcolm Harvey     1019  92pts
  12. John Beech                    80  96pts
  13. Charles Legg                 21  112pts

Next Saturday afternoon (6th) is racing for the DF and RG65, why not join us.