Open Sailing Afternoon #6 (30/7/22)

Because many members were away sailing at other events this weekend, it was great to have such an interesting mix of boats turn out for another Saturday Open Sailing Day.

Our Dutch guest Daan M  akkink and his wife arrived with a beautifully restored vintage 10 Rater, expertly converted to RC, and enjoying it’s first UK sail. Daan has obviously dedicated some serious hours in it’s restoration, and he spent a lot of time putting it through its paces on our lake. It was great to see his enjoyment and also ours in acknowledging his efforts. ( see Pics)

Neil, Alan, Paul, Charles and Andrew arrived with an extensive selection of radio yachts, ranging from RG65, DF65, DF 95 and IOM’s, with Paul Hounslow’s Manta IOM and Andrew’s John Gale built Triple Crown sailing well.  At any one time,it was possible to see all of these boats sailing in a fleet, and simply enjoying the fun of Radio Sailing.

However – the ‘ Icing on the cake’ to a great day of Radio sailing was when Graham Birkett arrived with his ‘Starkers’ Marblehead, and showed us all what amazing boats these are, in terms of speed and agility.

Social Sailing at it’s best, and lets hope we get more interest in these Open Days, when many classes of boats are present, and we have the time to compare, assist and advise and have great fun !

Andrew Peter